My 2010 Plan # 46


1. Shut it down. Tell Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, John Maine, and Jose Reyes to go back to New York.. There’s no reason for these Mets to stay in St. Lucie when they can get the work needed at CitiField under the supervision of the Mets doctors there. They can also hang around the place making the team at least look like they have this talent back.

2. Shut down David Wright, Gary Sheffield and Frankie Rodriquez. I have plans for all three of these guys in 2010 and I don’t need any more beanings or injuries. Moreover, F-Rod just reaks in August, but he’s the future closer so shut him down and rest the arm.

3. My goals are to build from within with OF Fernando Martinez, C Josh Thole, SS Ruben Tejada, and 1B Ike Davis. That being said, I don’t think any of them are truly ready for the leap to Queens. Therefore, the most important thing I can do is do everything I can to get the core of this team healthy in the off-season.

4. 1B wise, Ike Davis will be the starter in 2011, but why rush him? Sign a healthy… and this only works if he’s healthy… Delgado to a one year deal. There’s nobody in the FA market as good as him and it will give Davis another year to mature.

5. 2B wise, I’ll stick with Luis Castillo, with Anderson Hernandez as his backup. Hernandez was a great trade and one of the utility infield positions is now covered for 3+ years.

6. SS wise, I’m sticking with Jose Reyes for one more year, but don’t be surprised if he’s not traded before his option comes up, especially if Tejada continues to mature. Tejada’s minor league career mirrors Reyes’, both in age and production. A trade can instantly get you two top pplayers, one of which would be your SP2.

7. 3B wise, David Wright will play here until he dies.

8. Outfield wise, I would sign Sheffield to a one-year deal and play him with Beltran and Francour, with Angel Pagan and Nick Evans by backups. Evans would also be the backup first baseman. And, I would make Martinez play another year at AAA (he’s only 20), in hopes of proving he can get through a season without an injury. You can’t do better that Sheffield in the FA market.

9. Pitching wise, the 2010 rotation should be Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, John Maine, Jon Niese, and Bobby Parnell. That being said, do what it takes to get a quality starter from the free agent market. The Mets look at least two years away from developing another starter from the system, so some help will be needed through free agency.

10. Your lineup:

Jose Reyes SS
Carlos Beltran CF
David Wright 3B
Carlos Delgado 1B
Gary Sheffield LF
Jeff Francoeur RF
Luis Castillo 2B


Ed Ryan said...

great post and I have to agree with your plan, except I would bring in a pithers catcher - someone who really handles head cases regardless of his BA( reasons are obvious we have three very talented pitchers who allow their head to get in the way of their arm).

I would bring back one of wagner or Putz both have 8MM club options as a set-up man and K-Rod back-up.

the one acquistion I would make is lackey, I would go all out for that #2 starter.

Last thing if the market is as cheap as it was this year for LF i might up grade Sheff.

Dan said...

Looks like you are planning to lose in 2010. Might be a better idea than rushing the kids along, but I don't think from a financial standpoint the Mets can afford to put this team in the field- the fans would not show up.

I think you got to at least look at doing better than Sheffield- there are options out there, and even if Martinez comes up and plays like a superstar, you've got no one in the farm coming up to take the other corner OF spot. Might as well find a longer term solution- because Francouer is not it.

Mack said...

Dan, you may be right about 2010...

I don't want to be the first one to say this, but this team might be a few years away...

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