Mack's Mock Draft v3.0


As in past years, we compile mock drafts from the legitimate sports writers both on and off the internet. We come up with a composite ranking at this point early in the draft process.

It’s not perfect, but it gives you a good feel for how the people that get paid to do this think.

So, for now, only the first 30 picks, or the current first round:

1.     Kris Bryant              3B/1B            San Diego  

2.     Ryne Stanek                        RHSP  Arkansas

3.     Jeremy Martinez   C  Mater Dei HS (CA)       

4.     Austin Meadows   OF  Grayson HS (GA)

5.     Austin Wilson        OF   Stanford         

6.     Karstin Whitson    RHSP  Florida

7.     Clinton Hollon        RHSP  Woodford HS (KY)

8.     Colin Moran                        3B       North Carolina      

9.     Bobby Wahl                        RHSP  Mississippi 

10.                        Zach Collins             C/1B  American Heritage HS (FL)

11.                        Austin Kubitza       RHSP  Rice

12.                        William Abreu        OF       Mater Academy   

13.                        Dylan Covey                        RHSP  San Diego

14.                        Ryan Eades              RHSP  LSU

15.                        Dominic Ficociello              1B     Arkansas

16.                        Justin Williams      OF   Terrebonne HS

17.                        Oscar Mercado      SS        Gaither HS (FL)

18.                        Dominic Smith       1B       Serra HS (CA)

19.                        Sheldon Neuse       SS/RHP  Fossil Ridge HS (TX)    

20.                         Robert Kaminsky  LHP     Englewoods Cliff (NJ)                  

21.                        Stephen Gonsalves  LHP Cathedral Catholic HS (CA)       

22.                        Adam Plutko           RHSP  UCLA

23.                        Chris Rivera                        SS        El Dorado HS (TX)      

24.                        Michael Lorenzen OF/RHP   CSF

25.                        Brian Ragira           1B/3B              Stanford

26.                        Chris Okey   C          Eustis HS (FL)

27.                        Reese McGuire   C             Kentwood HS (Wash)

28.                         Aaron Judge           OF       Fresno State

29.                        JaCoby Jones   OF/3B       LSU

30.                        Jonathan Crawford  RHSP  Florida     


Stephen Guilbert said...

Great Mock, Mack.

I love Justin Williams. Stephen Guilbert prediction: He vaults himself into top-10 and whispers of #1 overall discussing come early spring, 2013. Too bad, too, wish the Mets could have a shot at him.

Trey Hickman said...

No Clint Frazier? A first-round mock draft minus him is like peanut butter not partnered with jelly. He's a high-schooler with all five tools who, if the 2013 draft were to be held today, would quite possibly get scooped up within the first 10 picks. The guy is that good.

Mack Ade said...

As I mentioned, Trey, I compile these from the so-called experts.

I'll check out Trey... what school?

Mack Ade said...

As it turns out, I did have Clint on my watch list.

He entered as the 15th OFer I started tracking... I now have 33 OFers on my charts and he's in my upper third.

Loganville HS (GA)... BA 2012 1st team All-American

Matt Garroich has him as the 26th overall pick, thus being, a first rounder.

Trey Hickman said...

Oh, I understand this isn't your own mock. I was just saying. :)

Trey Hickman said...

I just know the young man was sterling at the PG National, and Perfect Game now actually has him as its No. 1 overall 2013 draft prospect among high-schoolers.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, why Kris Bryant as the #1? What do you think the experts see in him? I thought of him being drafted more at 12-20. Not #1.

Mack Ade said...

well, first of all, it is very early in the process and he has been picked high on every one of the mock drafts so far this season... i.e. consistency.

Also, all but one of these drafts came out before Mark Appel, Brandon Thomas, and Mike Yaz went back into the mix.

Me... too early to say

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