Alderson Says Mets May Not Add Another Outfielder

 Sandy Alderson told Adam Rubin of ESPN.com on Monday that the Mets might just go with the outfielders they already have. Specifically, according to Rubin, Alderson said "It's conceivable we'll go with what we have, but we're still looking, I wouldn't say that we're satisfied with what we have. But if we don't find what we think is a meaningful upgrade, then it's possible we'll go with what we have. Yeah." He then went on to say "I still think there are some players out there, including Scott Hairston, who might be available as free agents. A trade is always a possibility, but I wouldn't predict that. Other than that, I can't speculate what will happen. We're not unhappy with the position we're in right now, which is to say: still looking, with viable possibilities remaining."

The next sound you hear will be thousands of disgruntled Met fans, the nabobs of negativism, (to quote the late Spiro Agnew) rushing to their computers to condemn Sandy for failing to improve the team.

But wow, isn't this typical Alderson? He is always very precisely vague. It's conceivable, it's possible, always a possibility, I can't speculate. Without really saying anything, he has planted a seed. It's priceless! Isn't is obvious that Sandy is posturing, creating a mindset in agents and GMs minds that he could be done, so that they will lessen their demands. That's the job of a good GM. He did the same thing with the Dickey trade talks, alluding to an extension and the possibility that Dickey would not be available at all if someone didn't move in soon with a good offer. I hope most Met fans won't be so naive as to take his statement as gospel. Is it possible that he won't be able to sign Hairston because the Yanks outbid him? Sure. Is it possible that he won't find a trade partner that is willing to part with the player he wants for a reasonable price? Of course. But Alderson is setting the stage to minimize the probability of those occurrences. I predict that the Mets will add at least one name outfielder to the roster before pitchers and catchers report.


Mack Ade said...

and who would have thought you'd ever see the names Sandy Alderson and Spiro Agnew in the same story...

welcome, Herb...

Charles said...

I agree completely. While I don't doubt they'll go into the season as is, I'm sure this is lip service to help in negotiations. Classic Sandy...he did pull this trick in the Dickey trade.

And of course, there's a million fans flipping out and taking the bait.

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