John Sickles - Los Angeles Dodgers Top 20 Prospects for 2013


1) Yasiel Puig, OF, Grade B+: Considerable risk given small sample size, but I can understand what the Dodgers see in the Cuban slugger: enormous power, speed, and overall tools that looked very good in his brief North American debut. I'll buy into it.

2) Corey Seager, SS-3B, Grade B+:
One of the best high school players in the 2012 draft, played well in the Pioneer League, projects as a better version of his older brother Kyle. Likely to end up at third base but has the bat to stick there.

3) Joc Pederson, OF, Grade B:
Borderline B+. Many Cal League observers liked him better than teammate Zach Lee, who gets more press. Pederson has solid tools and terrific instincts, hit very well against older competition at age 20. Projects as a solid regular outfielder and perhaps more.

4) Zach Lee, RHP, Grade B:
Some of his press clippings imply that he's a future ace, but both the scouting reports and sabermetrics project him as more of a number three or four starter, not that there's anything wrong with that. Good command of decent stuff, has been young for his levels and pushed quickly.

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