Draft 13 Mailbag - HS-LHP, Brady Corless, Jonah Wesely, HS-RHP


Tim asked: “Are you guys going to do something like this for the LHP’s? That would be a very interesting debate!”

Mack: – Left-handed pitchers are rising on the projected draft lists, led by a group of promising high school seniors that fall into three categories.

‘A’ – projected first rounds are led by Chrysler HS (IN) Trey Ball, Cathedral Catholic HS (CA) Stephen Gonsalves, and Englewoods Cliffs HS (NJ) Robert Kaminsky.

‘B’ – are projected late first day and second day picks, led by Washington HS (IA) A.J.Puk, James Madison HS (CA) Ian Clarkin, Calgary Baptist HS (LA) Garrett Williams, Tracy HS (CA) Jonah Wesley, and Tampa Jesuit HS (FL) John Kilichowski.

‘C’ – are projected later on second day picks like Piketon HS (OH) Zach Farmer, Joliet Catholic HS (IL) Kevin Duchene, Sarasota HS (FL) Dylan White, Hillsborough HS (CA) Matt Krook, N. Florida Christian HS (FL) Carson Sands, Ida S. Baker HS (FL) Sean Brady, Head-Royce HS (CA) Steven Farinaro, and Parkway South HS Jake Brentz.

Tim asks: – Clarkin and Wesely are my top 2 LHP’s for high schoolers. Kamisky isn’t far behind either. What do you guys think? Who gets drafted higher between Wesely and Clarkin?

Mack: – You’re asking questions during a time period prior to the season that will surely determine the draft order of all these guys. It’s so hard to project players in December, but I will tell you this… Wesely is getting a lot more press right now (which ironically started with my ‘Q and A’ a few months ago :). Either way, both will be gone after the first day.

Pete asks: – Its very interesting reading what you experts have to say about these prospects.5 years from now.. What HS pitchers are we going to look back on and say, yeah that was a great pick from the 2013 draft? Who’s got the mental and physical upside that makes it from this class?

Mack: My money is on Brady Corless, simply based on how he approaches this game. He quickly came to realize that playing his senior year in high school was not going to advance his goals, so he went out and got his GED, enrolled in some small college, and made himself eligible for the draft one year earlier. I love this kind of moxie.

Tim asks: – And I feel like Make-Up is huge in today’s draft. Those 5 or 6 polished southpaws are so good this year. Anyone know what type of kids Wesely, Clarkin, or Kaminsky are? Work ethic? Etc..

Mack: I can only speak to one of these guys, who I have gotten to know. Jonah Wesely is a stand-up guy that has a tremendous work ethic that makes me tired just listening how hard he is preparing himself for the upcoming season.

Tim asked: – In your guys opinion, who are the HS 1st round pitchers next June??

Mack: I covered the lefties in the first question of this post.

Righty wise, my guess would be (in no particular order) Woodford HS (KY) Clinton Hollon, Tullahoma HS (TN) Jordan Sheffield, and St. Pius X HS (TX) Kohl Stewart. Stewart could go top 5 and one more guy, Cullman HS (AL) Keegan Thompson could also sneak in.


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