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Gary Seagren asked - Hi Mack and Happy New Year, Just a couple of thoughts because it’s been so slow on Met news since the Blue Jay trade. In regards to the Giancarlo Stanton trade possibilities would you give up Wheeler or D'Arnaud in the deal?

                Mack – Happy New Year to you and your family too, Gary. The only New York Met I would not trade for Stanton would be David Wright. Stanton is better than any other Mets that has played more than a few games in Queens, and you simply never bet on a prospect, no matter how good he looks. That being said, I would offer Zack Wheeler before I would offer Matt Harvey because Harvey has already showed a little at the major league level. I think Wheeler will be a better pitcher than Harvey, but it’s all speculation at this point.

Also do you think with the current market for Michael Bourn. Scott Boras would take a one year deal ( I hear you laughing already) and Sandy pick him up? Hey I said it was really slow news month. Thanks, Gary.

                Sandy Alderson does not want to sign anyone that will cost him a first round draft pick in a very limited draft, talent wise. Bourn will find a home but it will not be the Mets.

The signing of OF Andrew Brown was interesting. The press release said that the Mets and Brown had “come to terms”. Yeah, I guess that’s what “pleeeeeeese sign me” comes to these days.

Brown had an impressive AAA year for Colorado (yes, that’s where that lack of air is), but let’s look at the last three in a row:

        2010:     AA-Texas - Spingfield .291/.371/.526/.897 – 22-HR, 63-RBI, 361-AB, 98-K, 41-BB
        2011:    AAA-Memphis -          .284/.382/.501/.883 – 20-HR, 73-RBI, 359-AB, 105-K, 56-BB
        2012:   AAA-Colo Springs -     .308/.364/.597/.961 – 24-HR, 98-RBI, 390-AB, 100-K, 37-BB

Did you notice the limited amount of at-bats?

Brown was used as a platoon player and has a career .321/.414/.612 stat line against left-handers in the upper minors.

As I have said in other posts, you can’t sign enough of these guys to invites.

Chris asked:  Mack, are you as unhappy and frustrated as I am about the lack of moves this off-season?

                Mack: You know Chris, it’s funny that you should ask that.

                So far this off season, the Mets signed one of the largest free agent deals for one of the best players in baseball (David Wright) and completed a blockbuster trade that solidified the catching position for years and brought aboard a third potential SP 1-2 candidate in 2015, for a 38-year old pitcher.

                The team has a way to go, but so far, it’s been a great off-season.


TP said...

You are spot on here on all points. I would support you as Mets GM any day. That said, Alderson needs to make some moves and fill these holes. While no real Met fan is expectins a WS ring this year, the team does need to be competitive and show improvement in 2013 in order to propel itself into the deep end of the pool in 2014+.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the idea....Delmon Young 1year contract?

Mack Ade said...

If I'm a GM of a team that has $100mil to spend and I've only spent $75mil... and I'm less than 60 days away from pitchers/catchers... than there is no such thing as a bad "one year contract"

Reese said...

I've been on the Young bandwagon for a long time as a potentially undervalued hitter but he's got no defensive skills and the team is already hurting in that regard in the outfield. Still, a $6-$7 million deal with an option would see if he can both hit and behave.

Mack Ade said...

as long as Valdespin is on this team, I don't concern myself with behavior... I'll worry about that when this team reaches the second round of the playoffs.

Manny foor 2013!

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