John Sickels - Tampa Bay Rays Top 20 Prospects for 2013


1) Wil Myers, OF, Grade A: I love the power and overall offensive package, main concern is strikeouts which could inhibit batting average, at least in the short run. Tampa seems like it will be a better fit for him than Kansas City was going to be.

2) Chris Archer, RHP, Grade B+:
Just a matter of command: has the stuff to be a number two starter if he throws strikes. Of all the organizations in baseball, I think the Rays are well-suited to getting the most out of guys like Archer. He's got nothing left to prove in the minors, so run him out there and see what happens.

3) Taylor Guerrieri, RHP, Grade B+:
I've gone back and forth between Archer and Guerrieri. When I do the Top 50 pitchers list, this may get flipped. Archer is ready now and G needs more time, of course, but I think G has a slightly higher ceiling. G could be a number one guy when all is said and done.

4) Jake Odorizzi, RHP, Grade B+:
Borderline B. I've always liked Odo, but I do worry about the fly ball tendency becoming a problem. My guess is that he could struggle in the short run, but long-term I still expect him to be a number three starter, and the Rays do a better job developing young pitching than the Royals do.

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