Stephen Guilbert - 10 Stats About The 2014 New York Mets That Will Blow Your Mind


1.) Juan Lagares has a higher bWAR than Nelson Cruz.

In 166 fewer at bats.

2.) Ruben Tejada leads all major league shortstops in BB%.

14% of his at bats, well above walk machines and power threats Troy Tulowitzki and Hanley Ramirez.

3.) Lucas Duda ranks 9th among all qualified Major League 1B with 137 RC+.

Ahead of Albert Pujols, Justin Morneau, Mark Teixeira, Adrian Gonzalez, and one spot behind Miguel Cabrera.

4.) Jacob deGrom leads all NL rookie pitchers in WAR and strikeouts.

Narrowly trailing Arizona shortstop Chris Owings and Reds phenom Billy Hamilton for third highest rookie WAR in the NL.

5.) Juan Lagares has as many infield hits (9) as he does walks.

Five of those infield hits are bunts.

6.) Lucas Duda and Curtis Granderson lead the Mets in offense (RC+ and wOBA).

Yet, largely, Mets fans still don't like them.

7.) Eric Young Jr. has a higher stolen base per at bat ratio than Jose Reyes did in 2007.

When Reyes set the single season steals record for the Mets.

8.) In addition, EY's SB/AB ratio is even higher than Vince Coleman's 99 stolen bases in 880 at bats for the Mets.

Easily the best ratio in Mets history for base runners with at least 25 steals.

9.) Zack Wheeler has the 5th fastest fastball velocity in the major leagues this year. Faster than Justin Verlander.

And Stephen Strasburg.

10.) In fact, the only pitchers to have a higher fastball velocity than Zack Wheeler's current 94.7 MPH last year were Strasburg, Jose Fernandez...

and Matt Harvey.



Dallas said...

Great post! DeGrom for ROY!

Christopher Soto said...


Stephen Guilbert said...

I think ROY is Hamilton's to lose...and he's also narrowly beating out Lagares for the CF Gold Glove as well...for those who care about that. However, if he strings together another 8-9 awesome starts and Hamilton fades a bit, I could see it.

Thomas Brennan said...

And Jake can Rake too!

Nice job, Steve.

Duda and Grandy - after guys struggle, it takes fans a while to really get that a player has improved, and also to believe that a player's turnaround is legit. That ought to be apparent to fans very soon.

Ruben's walks, I can only speculate, are him being pitched around to get to the pitcher. I'll bet if he were on an AL team, that rate would drop in half.

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