Bill James - Top Defensive Players in 2014


We are down to the final six weeks of 2014, and it does not look like anyone will quite reach the lofty DRS levels of Simmons and Parra last year. However, there are a couple of players who could approach 40 Runs Saved with a standout remainder of August and September.

Most Defensive Runs Saved, 2014
PlayerRuns Saved
Jason Heyward32
Juan Lagares28
Alex Gordon20
Lorenzo Cain20
Zack Cozart19
Note: through games of August 19Juan Lagares was tremendous as a rookie in 2013, finishing second among all center fielders with 26 Runs Saved despite playing just 108 games. This season, he has 28 Runs Saved in only 87 games. Lagares has exceptional range, but it’s his arm that stands out the most. Since 2013, Lagares has 15 baserunner kills (throwing out baserunners without the use of a relay man), the most at the position.



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