FLASH - 2B Dilson Herrera to Queens


2B Daniel Murphy has been placed on the DL... replaced by Dilson Herrera

For those wondering why not Matt Reynolds, he doesn't have to be added to the 40 man, and he's mainly viewed as a utility infielder


Stephen Guilbert said...

This is insane. I love the move. I absolutely love it. But this is madness. Can't wait to see him play.

Reese Kaplan said...

Terry's head will explode. How's he going to bat Flores and Tejada and den Dekker and Herrera 8th? Maybe he'll move the pitcher up to cleanup.

This move is totally shocking because it is what a team aspiring to win in the future would do -- much like the Cubs with Baez. If you asked me who the Mets would have promoted when forced to place Daniel Murphy on the DL I would have said Satin or Brown or Abreu or getting Omar Quintanilla out of his sick bed. Promoting Muño or Reynolds or Herrera made WAY too much sense.

I wonder whose idea it was? I guess Herrera was the choice as he had to go on the 40-man at the end of this season anyway whereas Reynolds did not.

Ernest Dove said...

This is nuts !!!!
Why not make it more nuts? Bat him second, and play em everyday.
If they call up Matz to chill in the bullpen and throw a few September innings, im gonna lose my mind with this double a to pro stuff.

Michael S. said...

Murphy is about to get Wally Pipp'd

Stephen Guilbert said...

Double-A to majors jumps used to be much more common. When you consider he was embarrassing the rest of the Eastern League and that Vegas would do nothing for his development (hey here's an idea..DON'T sign a two year extension with them...oh wait...) and there was a need, especially one that could showcase him to another team (or make Murphy the league's best off-season trade chip), it makes a great deal of sense.

Relax, and enjoy this. He'll be the youngest player in baseball. This will be fun. Sit back and watch the future.

Michi L. said...

Cant belive the Mets made such a move. After years of reluctance and whitewashing they made a finally a agressive move. Iam happy

Thomas Brennan said...

Wow! Mr Dilson takes a rocket to Queens. Love the boldness. Lessens a bit the minor league middle infield logjam I wrote about 2 weeks ago, but more importantly, it sends a huge message to the finer minors...hit like heck and we may just leapfrog your butt to the big time.

If nimmo had kept pace with Dilson, he might have joined him. But he has to see this and be motivated. COOL!

Mack Ade said...

Granderson needs to work hard in the off season and start off big... he's already a platoon hitter in the making which won;t help Nimmo get in the lineup

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