Morning Report – August 30th – Zack Wheeler, Las Vegas, 21-man squad, Bartolo Colon


Noah Syndergaard now leads the PCL in strikeouts (144K/131-IP)

Zack Wheeler

The last time Zack Wheeler did allow a hit in an 0-2 count was September 11, 2013. That’s 158 innings. Tracking down inning streaks which roll over from year-to-year proves to be pretty tricky, so we can’t pinpoint what the exact record for this is. However, thanks to the help of the great Jeff Zimmerman, I was able to find the highest number of innings pitched in a season without an 0-2 hit allowed since the beginning of the PITCHf/x era in 2008. And Wheeler appears to be in uncharted territory. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/zack-wheelers-historic-two-strike-streak/

 Well, the Las Vegas association is a done deal for two years. It is what it is. We probably have to come up with some new ‘norm’ when it comes to analyzing the pitchers there. Rafael Montero, Jacob deGrom, and Matt Bowman have all proved you can exist there with a below 4.00-ERA, but, my guess is that same number should be the number we should begin our judgment with in the future.

As for hitters, I can’t wait to see the numbers Brandon Nimmo, Jayce Boyd, and Dilson Herrera churn out.

Kevin Burkhardt ‏@kevinburkhardt  - Mets sign 2 year deal with Las Vegas to remain their AAA club. Guam was unavailable.

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 I’m so happy I had the opportunity to watch the Mets play the Atlanta Braves this week on a 21-man squad. David Wright, Daniel Murphy, Vic Black, and Josh Edgin were not available and the Mets decided to just go with what they had left on the team.

What this gave us was an extended look at people like Matt den Dekker, Ruben Tejada, Wilmer Flores, Jeurys Familia, Buddy Carlyle, Carlos Torres, Eric Young Jr., Lucas Duda against lefties, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and even Anthony Recker sitting in the background.

The Atlanta announcers were very nice describing how the future of this team looks bright, almost to the point that seemed like they were reading from a prepared script (they were). Still, it was nice to hear some nice things said about our players from a different perspective.

They especially targeted into Juan Lagares saying that he probably is the best centerfielder in baseball today. I will say this… this was an easy observation to make after the handful of circus catches he made in this series.

But, this is where I walked off with a bad taste in my mouth. All these games were close and the Mets could have easily won all three, even without the guys left in the Mash room, but what was left on the field gave me a three game, 27 inning look at our possible future.

There were home runs, but there was not one timely hit when it was needed… Curtis Granderson did not produce one hit under pressure worthy of his paycheck… Wilmer Flores’ bat has quickly become another producer of a .230 batting average, the norm for this team… and Ruben Tejada was just given another chance to show us he can’t produce the numbers to keep his job.

No… don’t get me wrong… my rose colored glasses are around here somewhere, but when this team has it’s best players on the shelf, the lack of depth gets exposed pretty damn fast.

Maybe what Eno Sarris says later on in this report is right. Maybe we're just going to have a pitcher based team to root for until the organization develops a new group of every day bats.

You know your team is in trouble when the Braves announces are saying that the Mets have a pretty damn good defensive second baseman in Flores.

 John Zozo sent this article a http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/shouldnt-some-team-want-bartolo-colon/  bout Bartolo Colon:

Jeff made an interesting point that some of these teams could do just as well by patching with internal options or expanded bullpens. He’s not wrong. There’s only so much value that a non-elite pitcher can add over a month of play, and Colon is a non-elite pitcher. If he’s worth a half-win above replacement over the last month (ZiPS has him for 0.4, and we aren’t quibbling over tenths of a point in WAR) that might not sound like much. The thing is, some of these teams may not have replacement-level options, if we’re talking about guys like Wolf or Volstad or Farmer or Lobstein, and that sort of sinks the “R” in WAR. In the playoffs, when you’re not so much thinking about WAR as you are about what happens in that one game, it’s easy to think that Colon is a better option than some of the potential threes and fours we’re seeing.
The Mets would want some kind of talent in return for Colon, and that can’t be ignored. The cost here isn’t zero. The return on investment isn’t guaranteed. But if Colon is still a Met after this weekend, it’ll be interesting to see if any of these contending teams wind up regretting it.

Mack – I really thought that. once the Mets put Colon on waivers, and then he cleared, this would have gone swiftly. There has to be a hang-up somewhere.

 Eno-Chat –

Comment From Elias - Thoughts on Eric Campbell and Tomas Telis? Deep mixed league help.

Eno Sarris: Campbell only plays v LHP, but I like him.

Comment From Nicolas Stellini - A lot of people talk about the Mets throwing their pitching prospects at the Cubs for one of their MI prospects, but is there a possibility they take a run at Stanton? In-division trades seem a lot less taboo these days.

Eno Sarris: Somehow I doubt that the Mets make a big trade like this with their pitching prospects. I think some of the guys will end up in the pen, some will be injured, maybe one goes at the deadline when they’re going good. In general, I think the plan is to amass arms, find bats.

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Thomas Brennan said...

Before I run out the door, I looked at Granderson. Bad season, or has he entered the Twilight Zone of his career?

He hit .177 last Sept, .157 in Spring Training, under .140 in regular season games thru April 30, and .152 in August. He has 13 RBI and just 22 runs in July and August in 196 at bats, in which 2 months he has hit slightly under .200.

A guy can slump for a few weeks. Curtis seems to go into multi-generational slump periods. Or is he done, with 3 laps to go? He is batting 1.000 at cashing LARGE pay checks. And is a good guy in the clubhouse.

Yanks went for Jacoby and Gardner instead. What did they know that Sandy didn't, folks.

Dekker has been a bit of a disappointment so far, but a .347 on base % and just 9 K's in 49 plate appearances are two positives so far. Let's hope Matt, Wilmer, and Dilson go on tears.

That Wheeler stat is freaky.

Ernest Dove said...

Sure is great to have the still developing den dekker, wilmer and now Herrera batting in the bottom of the lineup while Grandy keeps hitting first or second.

Reese Kaplan said...

Apparently you have to earn your way up in the order but no matter what you do you don't get moved down, right Curtis? Right David?

Mack Ade said...

Thomas - I'm don't exactly know what the Mets are thinking about lineup alignment... unless they are afraid of embarrassing Granderson and Wright by moving them down.

Grandy looks like another big. big mistake we're going to have to live with for awhile

Mack Ade said...

Ernest - that's one game for Herrera...

Ernest Dove said...

I wonder what it would mean, to this entire organization, if Herrera holds his own in september and performs ok overall......
What would it mean for kids like Nimmo, Conforto, Rosario, Urena and company in regards to their development and possible advancement risk taking.
I mean, we don't want everybody rushed, but at the same time, we've seen a nice handful of 22-24 yr old 5 tool busts over the years in this organization anyway (ochoa, milledge, fmart and company).........
If players like Wilmer are simply too good for the minors, even at age 21 in 2013, they deserve their chance (especially on a losing team).
Herrera probably won't hit .340 like in Binghamton, but most rookies don't have ROY type seasons......just ask the 2014 rookie class, in which degrom and even Familia have a shot because nobody else is dominating immediately out of the gate this year.
Long story short, I will spend some parts of off-season continuing my Matz-to-Mets mantra......and screw the 40 man super two crap....Matt Reynolds no longer belongs in minors, so he needs to be on 25 man, as a starter or utility guy.
And Thor again need not waste another pitch from his mighty hammer in a minor league uniform.

Michael S. said...

If we want to evaluate pitchers in the system and have to live with them spending time in LV, I would look at two things:

- What were their AA numbers?
- What's their K:BB ratio in Vegas?

If they've performed well in AA and their still striking out and walking the same number of hitters (or even improved) I wouldn't get hung up on BAA or ERA.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

Don't worry...

he'll hit .230 like everyone else.

bob gregory said...

What really confuses me....
given Collins's tendency to bury younger players at the bottom of the line-up,
Even with that,
Why does Flores continue to bat below denDekker?

Collins has completely sabotaged Flores.
Flores does not even look like half of the batter he was last year when he was in the majors.

Ernest Dove said...

Well, at this point, mets should continue to ride-or-die with Wilmer, Herrera and den dekker in the starting lineup......or swap den dekker for kirk again for a few weeks.
Apparently the Mets don't really want Wilmer, and since he has absolutely NO trade value at this point, I have no idea what the plan is.....especially if he doesn't start hitting really soon. CCan't trade him to AL as a DH if his one tool 'hitting' isn't working.

Steve from Norfolk said...

Please, please don't let the powers that be swap in Nieuwenhuis for den Dekker! At least dD is showing plate discipline, where Capt Kirk is still showing his Dutch lineage by doing his windmill imitation.

Michael S. said...

Yea, with MDD's improved K rate I'd like to let him keep getting ABs and adjusting.

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