2015 MLB Top Prospects: Kevin Plawecki 6th Amongst C

2015 Prospect Watch: Top 10 catchers

     MLB.com has begun released there annual 2015 prospect rankings. After reviewing the Top right handed prospects and left handed pitching prospects, MLB Pipeline has moved on to the top catching prospects. Among them is 23 year old Kevin Plawecki, who seems stuck behind fellow young backstop Travis d'Arnaud, but could force his way onto the team sometime this year.

"Throughout his climb up the Mets' ladder, Plawecki has shown a penchant for making consistent contact. He rarely strikes out and has hit for average at every stop, with a career .295 average entering the 2015 season. He has a contact-over-power approach, but he does have enough strength to clear some fences. Plawecki hit 11 homers in 2014 and that sounds about right in terms of what's fair to expect in the future. Drafted as an offensive-minded backstop, Plawecki has been solid behind the plate, with good hands and enough agility to block balls well. His arm is average, and he's never going to be the kind of catcher who completely shuts down a running game."


Mack Ade said...

We will some day ( a year) be away from another great chance to sell either this guy or d'Arnaud for a positional player that is needed

you can't waste this kind of talent as a backup, but teams like to trade for established catchers first

Lew Rhodes said...

Given Travis' injury history, Pawlecki may get a shot this year - I hope it doesn't happen that way, but I am glad we have this type of depth.

Mack Ade said...

My thoughts haven't changed on this.

I think d'Arnaud is the better all around player, but he's also the most trade-able if he remains healthy.

As I have said before, teams like to trade for veteran catchers.

My guess is d'Arnaud will go someday and Plawecki will become the starting Mets catcher.

Thomas Brennan said...

"My guess is d'Arnaud will go someday and Plawecki will become the starting Mets catcher."

That would be fine with me, and if Carillo keeps doing well, he can be the back up in 2016.

eraff said...

If only PLaw was a Lefty Bat.

Lew Rhodes said...

I think it depends on who the trade target is.

I think d'Arnaud will always have more value because of his power - which is plus for a catcher.

If he can get 20+ HRs next year, he would fetch a big return - especially to an AL team where his bat could stay in the line-up.

Thomas Brennan said...

hi Eraff

I would think Monell as a lefty would have a chance of succeeding Recker as back up...Collins could rest d'Arnaud against certain righties. Recker can't hit other than an occasional long ball (his .197/.265/.360 career does not excite me).

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