Reese Kaplan - Manfred's Man Blinded by the Plight

When the news came down about Fred Wilpon being put in charge of the MLB's Finance Committee people immediately reacted with shock and disbelief that incoming commissioner Rob Manfred would voluntarily put the Madoff-scandal plagued owner of the Mets into such a critical position.  It seemed hypocrisy at its worst, with Wilpon repeatedly using "ignorance" as his justification for allowing the Madoff mess to fester. 

By now the incredulity has had some time to take root and begs the question, what other appointments might Manfred make that could be even more surprising given the new appointee's history:

A-Rod and Ryan Braun Named Joint MLB Spokesmen for Drug Testing

John Rocker and Marge Schott name Cultural Diversity Czars

Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich Lecturing on the Sanctity of Marriage

David Cone Speaking on Public Decency

Mo Vaughn on Proper Diet & Nutrition

Pete Rose on the Evils of Gambling

Karim Garcia and Shane Spencer on Rest Room Sanitation Protocols

Tony La Russa on the Importance of a Designated Driver

Steve Howe on Staying Clean & Sober

Kevin Mitchell on Preventing Animal Cruelty

Carl Everett and K-Rod on Anger Management

Darryl Strawberry on Spousal Respect

Maybe Wilpon in charge of Finances isn't the worst thing that could happen after all.  


Thomas Brennan said...

Funny. Wonder if the Wilpons will pass the bar?

Interesting, of all of them, Darryl really changed. Now a minister, I was surprised when a guy I met told me that Darryl was the minister for his marriage a few years ago. So spousal respect has probably gone up several notches with the Straw Man.

Reese Kaplan said...

As Bob Dylan once wrote, "Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace."

Enjoy the Holmes Brothers rendition of his classic:


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