Matt Gad - Bright Futures Primed To Align In Corona Park

Were Fred and Jeff right? The cruel waiting game, I mean, is it finally coming into fruition? We have already been exposed to some of our extensive farm system, namely [Juan] Lagares as the defensive outfield prowess, who has already notched a Gold Glove in his young career, catcher Travis d'Arnaud, who has mixed ratings, and yet another astonishing young pitcher in Jacob deGrom, who has already become a staple among fans and the organization with his long hair and the scary proposition that he could cement himself as a highly regarded number three man for years to come.

     And after that, there are already some more more call-ups on tap for 2015. Of course, the jury is out on Noah Syndergaard, who has seen his MLB debut unofficially pushed back. Despite some struggles, which he has openly admitted to, the Mets are still firm believers that he will be able to withstand uncertainty and emerge as yet another piece to the puzzle, in a rotation that includes Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, and the aforementioned Jacob deGrom.

    Continuing to look down the list, scouts are already calling left-handed Steven Matz something just north of a sensation-in-the-making. While it helps that he would bring a promising left-handed arm into the rotation, it can also be noted that with a strong possibility for incumbent lefty starter Jon Niese to be traded, either in a late offseason move, or by July's non-waiver trading deadline, he would get a "leg-up" in his scouting. But still, not really.

   They always say too much is a good problem for a coach to have. In the sports world, you can take the current battle that Urban Meyer will have to face at Ohio State over the spring games, and the summer sessions with three reliable quarterbacks having established themselves as reliable men in College Football in Braxton Miller, J.T. Barrett, and Cardale Jones. (Of course, there are rumors swirling around that Miller could be transferring, but this isn't a Big Ten blog). Terry Collins can see that issue in the rising development of Kevin Plawecki, a former Purdue standout, who is mastering the catcher's position, and might even have a larger offensive arsenal over Travis [d'Arnaud]. And there are all the scenarios we have heard about here and there with some conversations the Mets have had with moving No. 15 to the outfield (and for argument's sake, Cuddyer isn't the future, of course). and the unofficial take of moving a guy like Plawecki to first base (Again, is Duda the future? He's already aware of his upcoming platoon). However, Kevin has been a name other teams have started to seek out in trade talks, to be paired with a top prospect (think Syndergaard, and also because of the service time).


Reese Kaplan said...

While the future is bright with many of the young players you've mentioned, there is still work to be done, namely the unloading of Colon, Gee, Murphy and then the hard swallowing of the additional years on the deals for Granderson and Cuddyer.

Just for arguments sake, had Sandy Alderson essentially given away those three players, he'd have $25 million to spend on a somewhat risky move like Yasmany Tomas or a trade for someone under contract whose price might otherwise have scared the Mets away had they not cleared payroll. Instead, we go into the season with hands financially tied and two aging outfielders in decline flanking Juan Lagares. Then there's the never ending SS debate. While I'm squarely in Wilmer Flores' corner to get the chance to play regularly, it may be better to do so at 2B and alternatively that $25 million could have gone to pay for a SS upgrade.

The inertia that's plagued the Mets since 2010 when the current regime assumed power is now magnified under an operating room-sized high beam emanating from Washington.

Matt Gad said...

You provided some good insight, and it is appreciated. Personally, I do agree the Mets will be trying to trade Murphy, either by the trading deadline, or next winter, in preparation for the arrival of Dilson Herrera, who will also need to be developed, but is also strong enough for the opportunity.

Also, it doesn't make sense to put Wilmer at second base, for this reason, and others. And of course, you can make all the arguments to counteract that you want...
If he doesn't pan-out, there's Matt Reynolds in a few years...but then again, if Wilmer pans out and is a pleasant surprise, then trade Reynolds...

A variety of factors here, so let's just sit tight. Too complicated to pick apart so much.

Mack Ade said...

There are some reports out of New York today (and the Mets will NOT comment on them) that Mets officials are meeting behind 'closed doors' and discussing a possible extension on the Murphy contract

Stephen Guilbert said...

That would be silly. I don't think they end up extending him and most reports up until this point (Who's saying it now, Mack?) have said that Murphy will not receive an extension this winter.

Stephen Guilbert said...

The Mets might be as deep at second base as any team in the MLB because I really see Flores as a 2B and not a SS. With Murphy/Flores/Herrera, it just makes little sense to me to even consider extending Murphy.

Honestly the Mets really should try to move him this winter if they can, although I don't think there's much of a market for him right now.

Mack Ade said...

Stephen -

I think I picked this up from Adam Rubin. Not sure right now.

There's always a chance of a 2 or 3 team deal that would involve the Mets signing Murphy first to a deal and then dishing him off

Stephen Guilbert said...

Sometimes I wonder how much this sort of thing is to appease fans. Murphy is clearly a fan-favorite but you also really have to let him go, either through a trade or free agency.

I also wonder what happens when you have a GM who knows that Murphy is too expensive and average for this team given better and cheaper options (Herrera, Flores) but an owner who might push you to sign a guy who he likes.

Like...what happens if Fred calls Sandy in and says, "I know what you're doing here and have tried to interfere as little as possible but let's go on ahead and lock Murphy up on an extension. That'll be all"

??? What the heck happens then?

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