2015 MLB Top Prospects: Steven Matz 8th Amongst LHP

2015 Prospect Watch: Top 10 left-handed pitchers

     MLB.com has begun released there annual 2015 prospect rankings. Yesterday, the Top right handed prospects were announced and today the left handed pitching prospects were announced. Amongst them is 23 year old Steven Matz, who after a long recovery from Tommy John Surgery, is finally emerging as the pitcher the Mets hoped he'd become when they drafted him out of High School.

"Matz is lean, lanky and loose, firing mid-90s fastballs with ease and having the ability to reach back for more when he needs it. He throws it with sink, not only missing bats, but also generating groundball outs. His changeup is his best secondary offering, which he turns over and sinks very well. His curveball has gotten better, a big breaking ball he can keep down in the zone and is now a Major League average pitch. He doesn't hurt himself with walks, and his overall command has improved over time."


Thomas Brennan said...

Hard to believe with a great write up like that Matz is only the 8th ranked lefty.

Lew Rhodes said...

The bulk of the guys in front of Matz (I think 5 of the 7) have hit AAA or higher - so that gives them a little more credibility.

The two younger guys were both high ranking first round picks - although while Julio Urias looks like a sure fire stud, I don't know how you can rank a guy who has only pitched in low A ball (albeit totally dominating) as the top LHP prospect in all of baseball

Stephen Guilbert said...

Thomas I actually have Matz 6th on my personal list. The top 5 MLB has is my top 5 (different order, but same names) and Matz is 6 ahead of Freeland and Manaea--two 2014 draftees I like, but shouldn't be ahead of Matz.

This is too low, in my opinion, but great that he's on the list. LHP in the minors is very strong and deep right now so any presence on this list is a good sign.

Stephen Guilbert said...

Lew, reason is he's a 17 year old hitting 95 and dominating players five years older than he is. He's a phenom. I have him second to Norris but it's close. No idea why Rodon is #2. I have him 4th.

Lew Rhodes said...

Stephen -

Matz is also likely docked for only having one full year of dominance after two years lost to injury.

Of course, regardless of how they are ranked, this means the Mets have 2 of the best pitching prospects in all of baseball.

Nice problem to have!

Mack Ade said...

There's a good chance they will send him back up north to Binghamton to start the 2015 season.

Lew Rhodes said...

You think Mack? I would think just because of the weather that they would send him to Vegas to avoid the extreme early season cold

Christopher Soto said...


Vegas could be very crowded. Let him dominate in AA for 8 weeks until Vegas sorts itself out via injuries and once the MLB starts plucking players.

Will said...

Once the seasons starts he will be a top 5 guy for sure.

Lew Rhodes said...

Could be - although I could see Mazzoni being moved to the pen this year - I also can't imagine Montero in AAA

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