Out - Bobby Ojeda


Bobby Ojeda is out of Mets pre- and postgame show, as he and SNY fail to agree on a new contract.

(look for another ex-Mets pitcher to join the team)


eraff said...

I'm sure they hated his "candor"

Anonymous said...

Reportedly the difference was over money, must have entered his arbitration years.

They will solve it with someone cheaper and worse.

That said, we are fortunate that the Wilpons have not penalized "candor" in the booth. My great fear with this ownership is that they go after the TV guys, who are excellent (though Gary is beginning to wear on me). To date, and to their credit, they have not insisted upon a vanilla booth.

James Preller

bob gregory said...

All of the experts rate the Mets minor league system as having a top 5 collection of announcers/commentators/reporters??

Anonymous said...

Too bad we can't say the same about you and your whine box, Bobby........I swear you have to be a Braves fan just trolling Mets Nation.

bob gregory said...


sniff. Sniff..
You hurt my poor feelings..
sniff sniff

Although, now you have me thinking of Braves fans with troll hair...

Steve from Norfolk said...

I'll bet Gooden replaces Ojeda.

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