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Hello Everyone

I am Daniel Weiss. Being a Mets fan is in my blood, as my father has been a fan since 1962, which led me to become a fan when I was 7 years old. When Brooklyn Cyclones were founded in 2001, I immediately started following them as well. Due to the Mets struggles over the past few years, I slowly shifted my focus to the Minor Leagues, particularly the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Aside from being a big fan of the Brooklyn Cyclones, I also enjoy sports writing. I founded a very popular Brooklyn Cyclones blog titled Brooklyn Baseball Banter. My site covers all sorts of Cyclones news, from post-game recaps, sneak peeks, to inside info. I also admin a Facebook Page titled Brooklyn Cyclones: News & Memes. I am currently a Communications Major at Brooklyn College and plan to go into sports writing after I graduate.

I am very happy to join Mack’s Mets. I have read this site numerous times over the years and am honored to be asked to cover the Brooklyn Cyclones this season.
Daniel S. Weiss, aka Brooklyn Cowbell Guy
@BKCowbellGuy on Instagram & Twitter.


Ernest Dove said...

A big happy welcome my friend

Mack Ade said...

Welcome aboard...

Thomas Brennan said...

Welcome, Mr. Cowbell.

Who were your favorite players to watch in Brooklyn in 2014?

Reese Kaplan said...

Greetings from out in the far west Texas town of El Paso where a few times a year I get the privilege of seeing the 51s play the hometown ankle biters aka the Chihuahuas. Minor league ball is a different animal entirely and there are even variations between the levels. You generally don't see the late 20s roster-fillers in Brooklyn. The guys there are on their way up or their way out. In AAA they seem to have a mix of "last stop before the majors" players and season AAAA types or ML veterans who aren't quite good enough to make someone's 25-man roster anymore. That's where the Val Pascuccis and Giancarlo Alvarados fill roster space. Occasionally I can see a guy like a Jeff Francoeur hanging out there just in case of an injury to the big club but it's not all young and eager players like you have in Brooklyn.

I look forward to reading about guys who in a few years I'll see visiting here in El Paso.

Christopher Soto said...

This guys......I know this guy....Damn cowbell....lol

Brooklyn Cowbell Guy said...

Thank you guys for the kind words of welcome.

@Thomas: Shane Bay, Michael Katz & Jhoan Urena

Thomas Brennan said...

A good trio, Cowbell. Hopefully Katz is 100% healthy in 2015.

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