The Morning Report – 1-23 – Daniel Weiss, Vanderbilt, Flores-Herrera, Yoan Moncada, Noah Syndergaard


I’m very excited to announce that, Daniel Weiss, (A.K.A. "Brooklyn Cowbell Guy") owner and operator of the Brooklyn Cyclone site, http://brooklynbaseballbanter.com/, has joined Mack’s Mets to cover the Cyclones 2015 season. His Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/DanielSWeissNYC and  https://www.facebook.com/BKCyclonesNewsMemes?ref=br_tf

From his site –

Daniel founded Brooklyn Baseball Banter, and it’s Facebook page Brooklyn Cyclones: News & Memes during the Winter of 2013-14. He has written almost every article on Brooklyn Baseball Banter. Aside from running Brooklyn Baseball Banter, he is an admin of 2 Brooklyn Cyclones Facebook Groups.

Daniel has been a Die Hard Cyclones Fan since 2001. He is a Season Ticket Holder in Section 16, where he is known as the Brooklyn Cowbell Guy. Daniel is featured in the 2014 Brooklyn Cyclones team set.

While not attending games, Daniel works at SubSational, located in the Brooklyn College Hillel. Daniel is a currently a Communications Major at Brooklyn College.

His first post is later on today and please welcome him aboard when it comes out in print.

We all know that the Mets will not have a first round pick in the 2015 draft, but there’s still 49 other players that have to be picked. Mack’s Mets isn’t covering the draft as much as it has in the past (concentrating 100% on the Mets now), but I do want to alert my readers to certain programs that are known to punch out winners, year after year.

The Vanderbilt University won the NCAA Division I College Baseball World Series this past spring and three of their top juniors will most probably be picked in the first 50 picks.

SS Dansby Swanson and starting pitchers Carson Fulmer and Walker Buehler all are projected to be drafted in the first 60 picks, which means one or more could still be around when the Mets finally get to pick their first pick of the day.

In 2014, Swanson hit .333/.411/.475, 3-HR, 34-RBI, while 5-11 RHP Fulmer went 7-1, 1.98, 91-IP, 95-K while RHP, 6-2 Buehler went 12-2, 2.64, 102.1-IP, 111-K.

Wild Card:  SP3, 6-3 RHP Tyler Ferguson – 8-4, 2.69, 77-IP, 65-K

The shortstop debate (eraff vs. Sid Finch) continues to grow on Mack’s Mets.

The latest was the defensive skills (sic) of Wilmer Flores vs. Dilson Herrera and which one would make a better middle infielder based on their arm, feet, and glove, not their bat.

This is a totally subjective subject at this point, plus they are both currently playing different positions. I’ve been pretty predictable on my opinions of Flores over the 67 years he has played in the Mets organization. I think he has the potential to hit like a ‘baby bull’, I always liked his arm, he has cement feet and will never be an effective shortstop at the major league level, and he runs like a tank.

I wish Flores all the luck and success in the world and, boy, wouldn’t it be great if he hit 30 home runs this season and led the team to the playoffs, but the Mets will not play top level team ball (and consistently make the playoffs) without a quality defensive, Gold Glove type candidate at that position. 

There are some in the organization that could someday qualify for that position defensively… Luis Guillorme, Amed Rosario, Milton Ramos… but we’ll have to wait a while to find this out.

If I was a betting man I would say that this whole issue will go away between today and the end of the 2016 Hot Stove season when someone is brought in from outside the organization, a move that we all know should have been done three months ago.

Anthony DiComo Verified account - ‏@AnthonyDiComo - From what I can gather, #Mets have done due diligence on Cuban SS Yoan Moncada, but don't view him as a realistic option given their budget.

Mack – I wish I knew if this was the exact wordage from the Mets or was this rhetoric from a beat reporter. Nobody outside of this ‘administration’ likes being the kid standing outside the white tablecloth restaurant, in the snow, looking in the window while not having enough to eat. But, if this ‘realistic option given their budget’ is coming from within the Mets offices… and this was in an official press release or statement from the Mets, then all this is, is some pompous, arrogant throw-away that once again is designed solely to insult the fan base and incite the beat press.

If it’s beat reporter generated, then whoever ‘started this’ ought to be ashamed of themselves. We all know that this guy’s total package is going to be something in the $80mil range and the Mets simply don’t operate this way for untested international talent. We don’t have to keep having our nose rubbed in it over subjects like this.

MLB has ranked Noah Syndergaard as the #2 RHP prospect in baseball –

A big, strong classic power right-hander, Syndergaard combines plus fastball velocity with outstanding command and control. He can crank his fastball up to 98 mph and will run it in on right-handed hitters. Syndergaard will add and subtract from his curve, giving hitters different looks. His changeup improved in 2014, giving him a third above-average offering. He's always been around the plate, having walked just 2.6 per nine innings through the 2014 season while striking out 10. He's a good athlete and repeats his delivery well, throwing downhill consistently from his 6-foot-6 frame.

Mack – Syndergaard wouldn’t be ranked this high unless he was starting to develop decent secondary pitches that can complement his heater. That’s what he is working on this off-season with the hopes of making the Queens rotation out of camp.

His chances are slight due to blocking, but let’s give the kid kudos for wanting to succeed. 


Mack Ade said...

Good morning.

Christopher Soto said...

Morning Mack.

In reference to Moncada....

As I stated yesterday, While I believe the Mets certainly have the money to sign Moncada the timing of the payout requirements are likely a reason they are unable to go after him.

According to Ben Badler a team must pay the MLB fees the June 15th after his signing and can only stretch a signing bonus over 3 years. So if we assume an even $10M per year. The signing team is going to have to pay out $40M in 2015 to have Moncada sit in the minor leagues.

In reference to Syndergaard.

"His chances are slight due to blocking"

Not sure what you mean by this...I don't think he's blocked by anyone. The Mets are just buying their time before promoting him to save on service time.

Mack Ade said...

Re: Thor -

I consider the current 6 guys ahead of him + waiting on the service time some form of blocking.

I'll be offline for around 2 hours....

Zozo said...

Daniel Welcome aboard the SS Wilpon, watch your step this ship has been sinking for awhile

Thomas Brennan said...


Welcome aboard to our new Brooklyn writing edition.

Would Syndergaard not be starting the season for any other team? Surely a few,butnot many. Hopefully we see him at Super 2. Matz too.

Ahh, Moncada cash flow issues...I'll throw in 5 bucks towards a sign Moncada fund.

Don't know about 30 homers for Wilmer. I could see 45 doubles someday.

Zozo said...

I am ok with them not spending the $80 mil on Moncada as long as they do go well over the spending amount in the international draft. Do what the Cubs did 2 years ago and make up for wasting this years first round pick on Cuddyer. I would be ok with them spending about $15 milion on the draft and then having to match that. Spend the other $50 million on a free agent next year? I wish we just would have signed Rios for the one year and not lost the pick.

Christopher Soto said...


I don't know if I agree with blowing through the international limits. Even though the Mets always seem to find 1 or 2 stud guys every year most 16 yr old signings fail. That's why teams sign almost a dozen kids in total for lower money and only 1 or 2 for big money.

This year's stud was the just turned 16 year old Kenny Hernandez who required $1M to sign. While he pan out? Who knows? But, having an inability to play around the international for 2 years when guys like Hernandez, Lupo, Flores, Molina, etc. etc. pop up every year could be extremely detrimental to an organization.

Zozo said...

I just want to make up for that 1st rounder and percentage wise some of these higher paid guys do pan out. Just looking to increase our chances a bit for scoring a better prospect, and let them spend some money.

Lew Rhodes said...

Herrera v. Flores is not a defensive comparison - they have vastly different strengths and weaknesses.

Flores has a very good arm and very good hands - which is why I hope he can do a Perralta at SS.

Herrera supposedly has a weak arm (the org tried him at SS a little bit and he couldn't pull it off at all); he definitely has more straight line foot speed than Flores, but I am not sure his first step and agility are that much better.

From what I read, Herrerra will be an okay defensive 2b, but not fantastic.

Flores' defensive strength (his arm) would be wasted a 2b

Lew Rhodes said...

RE Moncada - I am not sure how many teams have the free cash flow to make a $30 million payment in lump sum.

Although, the Mets, if they really wanted to, could finance it - I don't buy their poor mouthing, they have plenty of money to spend.

I think this is just a good story line for the team not to take a flier on Moncado - which, is defensible, $60 million on a 19 year old is crazy, think about how much more that is than the #1 pick in the draft gets

Christopher Soto said...

Well the Mets did grab 6 guys this year via international free agency. (All from Venezuela)

SS Yoel Romero, 16, $300k bonus
SS Edgardo Fermin, 16, $250k
RHP Jhoander Chourio, 16, $130k
LHP Daniel Guzman, 16, $140k
OF Tulio Garcia, 16, $175k
3B Kenny Hernandez, 16, $1.0M

The Mets have always done a great job in the international market. Quite frankly, I dont think they should change a thing.

greg b said...

The diffrence bettween Moncada and Lupo, Flores etc is that he is more advanced then those 16 yr old and every scout has said Moncada will be a sure MLB. Thats why Mets should go over there intl spending limit for a player like Moncada.

Lew Rhodes said...

Mack gave me a lot to comment on this morning!

I agree with his prediction on the Mets having SS filled by this time next year.

I think Sandy is hoping that Flores hits the way he is predicted to - if he puts up a .800 OPS, he is now a very, very big trade chip.

Trading Flores now would be trading him at his lowest value - if he rakes this year now he is a bat some team will want to acquire (Rockies?) - especially a team that needs a 3b.

In a pipe dream, Flores hits the snot out of the ball through July and Cecchini makes a leap in AA this year.

Then we package Flores, Cecchini, high level STUD Pitching prospect, low level stud pitcher for a HEALTHY Tulo.

Lots of IFs there, but not outside the realm of possibility.

Christopher Soto said...


I watched Herrera in Binghamton a few times this year.

His arm is better than scouts advertised. He made a few strong throws from ground balls up the middle but it's still not good enough for SS.

His range is actually pretty good. Even though his straight-line speed is only slightly above average at best, his 1st step and acceleration is really quick.

His glove/hands are generally smooth....but at times can also seem a bit rigid. I think this may have more to do with his still young age.

I would take Herrera at 2B over Flores in a heart beat.

Lew Rhodes said...

Greg - I know what the scouts are saying, but laying out $60 million for an immature, not yet fully physically mature 19 year old kid is a heavy, heavy bet.

Go back and look at Reyes - he was a no doubt stud future All Star at 19 - and then he played 110 games over 2 years because of nagging leg injuries.

A 162 game season is a long hard grind, and is physically taxing on a 19 year old kid.

The risks with this kid are very high - laying out $60 mill with that kind of risk is a tough pill to swallow.

I hope the kid stays healthy and becomes a beast, and I am not saying the Mets should not be in, but I also understand why any team would be hesitant to pounce on this kid - despite the scouting reports

Lew Rhodes said...

@Chris - Thanks for the input - I haven't seen him live, so I appreciate those who have.

Christopher Soto said...

@Greg B.

It's only 1 player though. 1 player in a 3 year span.

The Mets could sign almost 25 guys in the same time frame and potentially hit on 25% of them (5).

As much as I want Moncada...A) I don't know if the Mets have the Free Cash Flow to pull it off and, B) I don't want to jeopardize our abilities to sign more young Caribbean talent.

Remember Vlad Guerrero Jr. is part of next year's international class and either the Mets or the Blue Jays are the front runners.

Reese Kaplan said...

Strictly on the basis of bat, who is better as a projected 2nd baseman, Flores or Herrera?

Thomas Brennan said...

@ Reese: that is a HARD question, who will be the better offensively of Flores or Herrera. I give the edge to Herrera as he will also have speed to his offensive advantage. I think both can be All Star caliber offensively in a few years. Just a gut.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

sort of even with Flores winning the slugging percentage

Christopher Soto said...


Very very close question.

Currently Wilmer Flores....but I think Dilson Herrera has the higher ceiling.

Herrera's ceiling right now is a .290 avg .820 OPS 15 HR/20 SB above avg defense 2B

Flores' ceiling is a .290 avg .800 OPS 20 HR below average SS or avg 2B

Hit tool: Even
Power: Flores slight adv
Speed: Herrera big adv
Defense: Herrera slight adv
Arm: Flores big adv

About as even as you can get.

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