Stephen Guilbert - Opinion- Yoan Moncada is a Must-Sign


Regardless of his ultimate position in the major leagues, Yoan Moncada makes every organization significantly better.

If you have not yet read about teenage phenom Yoan Moncada, the skinny on him is that he is good at baseball. Really good at it.

Fast, powerful, muscle-bound, and dripping with tools scouts dream about, the Cuban shortstop will soon be stateside and holding showcases for interested teams. Recent reports echo sentiments from early in the winter: He will probably end up signing with the Yankees, Red Sox, or Dodgers. Who cares if they need him. The best international player on the market and potentially the most highly regarded international amateur ever at this stage must go to one of those teams. 29 teams will miss out on this guy. Despite flaws that some see in his game and despite the astronomical cost and tax it will take to sign him, he makes 30 out of 30 organizations stronger.

Way stronger.

The Mets should be in on Moncada. And I don't mean being interested, doing their due diligence, then, knowing the price tag, predictably bowing out. I mean they need to be majorly in on this guy, only losing out if a team exceeds reasonable value by astronomical percentages. I see a real possibility that a certain team bids insanely high to ensure getting him (again, his talent is that impressive) and the Mets miss out. However, short of that, the Mets have to get this guy. Is there another team in baseball with more need at shortstop and worse depth at the position?

I understand the counterarguments:

- The Mets do not have that sort of money.
- Moncada will probably have to start in high-A or double-A and spend at least a year in the minors.
- He will cost 40 million+ plus another 40 million+ in signing bonus overages.
- The Mets will only be able to spend 300k on international free agents in the following season's signing period.
- Moncada is, after all, an amateur prospect and those do not always work out. It's considerable money for an unknown.

I don't care. About any of it. Even if Moncada is not a shortstop, this is a player compared to a young Alex Rodriguez. Albert Pujols. Robinson Cano. Take your pick. He could DH and still be a major impact. Remember what I said about him making 30 out of 30 organizations better? It's true, and that is why teams with plenty of middle infield depth are in on this guy.

I am tired of the Mets missing out on needed talent because of finances. While I understand there were restrictions post-Madoff and that there is debt from the stadium and SNY projects but to the same token, the Mets are an extremely profitable team with an insanely profitable network in the nation's largest market that has been running a fractional payroll for four years now. I cannot believe there still isn't the flexibility to spend 80 million on a franchise player.

From the scouts I respect the most, the video I have seen (there is not much), and decent consensus, Moncada is a shortstop and he is probably not far away from the bigs. This plays into the timetable just fine, giving Wilmer Flores a year of evaluation. If Moncada is not a shortstop, Daniel Murphy is a free agent at the end of the year anyway. Welcome to second base, young Yoan.

I do not like throwing wild predictions out there about a 19-year-old kid few of us have actually seen play but given the potential for such impact, jaw-dropping, A-Rod-esque, franchise-changing talent, you have to get this guy. Do not let the Yankees outbid you. Do not let the Red Sox sneak in and seal the deal. Do not let the Dodgers and their bottomless pockets defeat you. Yoan Moncada is a must-sign.

Go get him.



bob gregory said...


I absolutely agree.
But, there will be other teams interested.
That means competition.
Alderson has not proven he will ever walk away the winner in such a competition.

Zozo said...

2 thumbs up

Mack Ade said...

Good news: - The Mets are one bat away from being relevant.

Bad news - I've seen so many Latin kids tagged 'the next..."

Reese Kaplan said...

The Mets have 2/3s of an overpriced/overaged outfield.

They have a couple of walking wounded at 3B and behind the plate.

They are more than just one bat away.

Unfortunately 3 of the 4 mentioned above are sucking up the majority of hte money available.

Stephen Guilbert said...

I actually agree with Mack that the Mets are a bat away.

I also agree that International players have huge bust potential. This is a guy I just don't care if he doesn't work out. Look, the Mets threw 60+ million at Bay and Granderson each. They threw 20+ at Colon and Cuddyer. You're telling me they can't throw 40 (80) at a kid who could be worth more over more years than all four of those combined?

It's a risk. I mention that in the article. It's a risk you take. Don't get outbid for this guy.

Mack Ade said...

I still like the bonus signings of the 16-year olds... the Mets have done well here under the last two General Managers

Stephen Guilbert said...

Yea, and one thing you'd have to contend with signing Moncada (Or Yuan Lopez) is that you won't be able to spend over 300k in the next international signing period. The Yankees, Red Sox and others will already be hamstrung by this come June. I'm hoping Moncada somehow gets stuck and isn't stateside until after that date because then the two biggest bidders for him are out.

bob gregory said...

If the Mets truly are just a bat away.....
Then even more shame on Alderson for not fighting with everything he has to acquire that bat.
If that one bat is the difference in significantly increasing the teams chances of making the playoffs, it is incompetence not to make every effort to obtain it.
Profit and fan base growth alone would more than eliminate any financial argument against it.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

Everybody wanted the same Mets pitchers.

It wasn't going to happen.

bob gregory said...

Funny thing the other teams took pitchers that were not as highly rated.
Syndegaard is just a prospect.
There are many more highly rated prospects that failed.
Add in the fact Harvey, Wheeler, and DeGrom are all so young and Colon, Niese, and Gee are already here.
Factor in also Matz and Montero are waiting in the wings.
The Mets can afford to trade Syndegaard. 
Especially if he is the difference in one bat that significantly increases playoff chances.
And none of this .. The other teams only wanted for Wheeler and DeGrom. Of course they asked for that.... it is negotiations after all. Negotiate from what they ask to what they will accept.

Mack Ade said...

Bob -

I agree with you.

I have said a number of times that Syndergaard better be worth all this attention.

I think he'll be a decent MLB SP4-5, be he never was worth standing in the way of a great bat for this team this year.

And I'd be just fine with a projected rotation of Harvey, Wheeler, deGrom, MOntero, and Matz

Thomas Brennan said...

Get this hombre.

Stephen Guilbert said...

I think Matz will be very very good. I also don't want to trade him for Gregorious, Miller, Taylor, a year of Desmond, or along with four other top prospects for Tulo.

If the right deal came around, say, essentially, Thor for Tulo straight up, then yea I see it. But from what we know, none of the offers have been good.

Sure, there's so much pitching, but there's also not much shortstop talent. I'd rather take my chance at building the "ultimate rotation" for the next 5-10 years, of which Syndergaard is in there, than go with a lesser guy in the rotation and take a chance either at a fringe shortstop like Miller or an expensive one like Alexei.

I don't hate the inaction as much as most.

I see Thor as much more than a 4/5.

Richard Jones said...

I think Syndergaard will prove he was worth the attention and passing up all that has been offered for him.
The passing up what has been offered for him is easy at this point because I haven't heard of any player above the talent level of Flores being offered.
Maybe Desmond but there was more than Syndergaard involved in that.

Also I believe the Mets are much more than a bat away from being able to go deep into the playoffs. Maybe a bat gets you a wildcard spot if everything else works out.

bob gregory said...

Wildcard series = how much in increased revenue? And fan base increase/returning interest?

Michael S. said...

I've always been wary of big time international signings. This is a guy I wouldn't hesitate on.

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