Brooklyn Cowbell Guy - Top 5 Cyclones of the 2014 Season


Top 5 Cyclones

5: Michael Bernal RF

Michael Bernal was a solid player for the Brooklyn Cyclones in 2014. Another member of the NYPL South All Stars, he connected for 56 hits in 71 games, 8 of them being doubles, 4 being triples and he tied Urena with 5 home runs. He also scored 29 runs while driving in 36. He led the team with 12 stolen bases.

However, Bernal did lead the Cyclones with 95 strikeouts, which resulted in a batting average of .240

4: Amed Rosario, SS

Amed Rosario hit .289 on the season and was #3 in the NYPL in hits, 2nd on the Cyclones behind Jhoan Urena. He also had 11 doubles and led the Cyclones with 5 triples while driving in 23 runs. This led to him being named to the NYPL All Star Game.

Despite his great offensive output, he led the NYPL with 20 errors, something that must be worked on.

3: Shane Bay LHP, Closer

Shane Bay was the closer for the 2014 Cyclone. After missing the remainder of the 2013 season with an injury, Bay bounced back for an All Star Year. He was tied for the league high with 15 saves. He produced an ERA of 1.59. He also struck out 22 batters in a little over 22 innings. Of the 4 runs he gave up, only 2 of them effected the outcome of a game, a loss to Jamestown.

2: Jhoan Urena 3B

Jhoan Urena was an amazing offensive force on the 2014 Brooklyn Cyclones. He led the NYPL in hits with 85. He led the team with 20 doubles, which was good for 2nd place tie league wide. He also drove in 47 runs, only 2 less than the league leader. He racked up 122 total bases, 3rd best in the league. Jhoan also connected for 5 homers, tied for the team high. He also drew a team best 27 walks. Urena also needs to work on his fielding, as he committed 17 errors last season. Urena was also named to the 2014 NYPL All Star Game.

Urena appeared in all but 1 game for the Cyclones. The one game he missed was due to umpire Ryan Wilhelms ejecting Urena right after the anthem in a controversial move.

1: Marcos Molina RHP, Starter

Marcos Molina led the Brooklyn Cyclones starters with an impressive 7-3 record in 12 starts. His ERA on the season was an amazing 1.78. He led the New York – Penn League with 91 strikeouts over 76 innings pitched. He also had the lowest WHIP of all eligible NYPL pitchers with 0.84.
For all his great pitching efforts, Molina was rewarded twice. Molina was named to the 2014 NYPL All Star Game at MCU Park. He started that game. Molina was also the Brooklyn Cyclones recipient of the 2014 Sterling Award, which is given to the top player on all the NY Mets minor league affiliates.


Christopher Soto said...

Lol.....that Urena ejection was such bull****.


Christopher Soto said...

Both Rosario and Molina are climbing up the prospect lists thanks to their performances in Brooklyn.

But we have to remember that Brooklyn is still a short season league and that stats are to be taken with a grain of salt.

Remember that 2012 record setting rotation of Ynoa, Cessa, Robles, Lara, and Mateo? Well only 1 of them is left standing in a starting rotation (Ynoa) and another is a decent bullpen arm......the rest have kinda faded.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Cowbell, what say you about Brad Wieck? He had a heckuva season too.

Thomas Brennan said...

Also, and my apologies for 2 posts, what was your take on Oswalt and Meisner? Both had fine seasons as starters.

John Skrynecki said...

How do you not have Conforto on this list?

Brooklyn Cowbell Guy said...

@Thomas Oswalt & Bernal were both my candidates for #5, as they were All Stars. After much thought & debate, I ended up going with Bernal.

Meisner & Wieck both improved as the season went on. Meisner struggled early on, but threw a helluva game the last game of the season.

Brooklyn Cowbell Guy said...

@John: Conforto would be #7, best of the non-All Stars. My issue with him was that he took so long to sign & finally play.

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