BUSTED - RHP Brandon Welsh


RHP Brandon Welsh was suspended for 50 games for a second positive test of a drug of abuse.

Welsh pitched for Brooklyn last season:  2-2, 5.18 in 14-appearances.


Ernest Dove said...

I see that this young man finished his 3rd professional season last year still in a short season league, and hes Turing 24 already this summer..................
I hope he finds his own journey out of whatever might be going on, and I hope he finds success no matter where his journey takes him.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

See, here's where I'm earning my crusty reputation in the past few years.

I have no toleration for a baseball player testing.... TWICE.... negatively for the same drug.

The Mets, and all the other teams need to immediately cut players like this. Send the right sign to the rest of them busting their ass off.

Reese Kaplan said...

Suppose that was the case with Josh Hamilton?

Richard Jones said...


I was watching an interview with Bill Belichick. He talked about cutting a player for falling asleep during a team meeting. The player barely made the team in the first place. The player never played another game in the NFL.

The person interviewing him asked what would have happened of it was Tom Brady who fell asleep. Belichick said he would have tapped him on the shoulder and that would have been it.

Players on the bubble shouldn't expect to be treated the same as all-stars. This isn't pee wee baseball where everyone is treated equally, everyone gets to play. Welsh would be gone if it were up to me. If it were Matz or Syndergaard I wouldn't be happy but I wouldn't send them packing.

Thomas Brennan said...

Thus guy is off the prospect radar screen. So many guys are ahead of him.

Hard to cut him just for this after not doing the same for Mazzilli, but I think his chances of continuing with the Mets system in 2015 is unlikely.

Stupid is as stupid does. Time to pursue another occupation.

Anonymous said...

Mack -

I find it interesting that you, someone with health problems, can show such a lack of empathy towards someone who probably has a substance abuse problem and certainly needs at a minimum some counseling and perhaps even a 12 step program and medication to address his issues.


Mack Ade said...

Anthony -


The heath problems you are speaking of have nothing to do with substance abuse.

Additionally, we really don't know what the drug of choice was for him, do we... oh yeah... twice.

Lastly, I am a 30 year recovered alcohol and cocaine addict.

I understand how you feel and think my words were harsh.

Richard Jones said...


From what I read about pay in the minor league I think cutting the strings with Welsh, would be doing him a favor. A 50 game suspension is on going to slow what little progress he has been making. Give that spot to someone else.

Welsh needs to start thinking about another career.

Mack Ade said...

One more thing...

Shouldn't ballplayers be held to a higher standard than the average Joe?

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