Jonathan Mayo - Analysis of Mets Draft


Jonathan Mayo analyzed the Mets draft for MLB.com -

For the first time since 2009, the Mets didn't have a selection in the top 13 picks. Like in 2009, they didn't pick until the second round. One thing didn't change, however: the Mets went after a high school bat with their first selection, taking toolsy Florida prep outfielder Desmond Lindsay No. 53 overall. Three of the organization's top five picks were high schoolers, with Thomas Szapucki ranked No. 97 on the Top 200 going in the fifth round.
Nabbing David Thompson's power bat in the fourth -- he was ranked No. 127 -- could provide some good value. They took some well-thought of high schoolers late like Nic Enright (19th round) and Jake Higginbotham (27th round), both of whom were in the Top 200, but both are likely to end up at Virginia Tech and Clemson, respectively.

Mack – I’ve always said that I would be thrilled if I could come out of every draft with three top players. The Mets have a chance to do that here with Lindsay, Szapucki, and Thompson. First, I hope they are all signed.


Christopher Soto said...

FYI....I have updated the draft tracker with signing bonuses reported.

Rd 2 OF Desmond Lindsay - Slot: $1,142,700
Rd 3 LHP Max Wotell- SIGNED - Bonus Unknown - Slot: $666,500
Rd 4 3B David Thompson - Slot: $474,800
Rd 5 LHP Thomas Szapucki- SIGNED $375,500 - Slot: $355,500
Rd 6 RHP Chase Ingram- SIGNED $195,000 - Slot: $266,200
Rd 7 RHP Corey Taylor- SIGNED $20,000 - Slot: $199,500
Rd 8 C - Patrick Mazelka- SIGNED $125,000 - Slot: $171,900
Rd 9 OF Kevin Kaczmarski- SIGNED $5,000 - Slot: $160,700
Rd 10 RHP Witt Haggard- SIGNED $5,000 - Slot: $150,000

Christopher Soto said...

Assuming Lindsay, Wotell, and Thompson sign for slot money....By those numbers the Mets are currently under slot by $578,300.

Hopefully that money can be used to try entice Enright or Higginbotham out of their respective commitments. Won't be enough to get both though.

Thomas Brennan said...

With Conforto, Nimmo, Smith, Cecchini, and Rosario not too far away, and Eudor and Wuilmer banging in Gnat Land, I am glad they are opting for high schoolers with high ceilings. Why drat a lot of college guys and build a looming logjam of mediocrity? Shoot for possible future stars that will take time to develop, and build a continuous pipeline.

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