ROSTER MOVE - P - Dillon Gee


The New York Mets will designate for assignment, pitcher Dillon Gee, to make room for P Akeel Morris.

The Mets will have 10 days to make a deal for Gee. If no deal can be made, they will have to either release him of place him on waivers.


Hobie said...

Do I have this straight?

He's not being optioned to AAA (staying on the 60-man, which would still make room for Akeel who is already on the 40-man). He's being DFA'd (off the 40-man).

They have 10 days to trade or waive him.

OK, somebody way down on the waiver pecking order might be willing to consider a trade. Maybe SA has a nibble & that's why he's not being optioned.

The waivers would be irrevocable and the claimant takes on the pro-rated salary. If he clears he can be (A) released and be comes a free agent OR (B) outrighted (not "optioned"} to the Minors OR (C) he could refuse the outrighting and become a free agent. I think the Mets would be responsible for his salary with (A) or (B)--all but the league minimum if he signs was a FA--but not if (C). Is that right>

Christopher Soto said...


Morning Hobie....You are 100% correct.

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