Mets Minor League Games - 6-17-15


Minor League Player of The Night - Steve Matz and Luis Cessa

Honorable Mention - Michael Conforto and Wuilmer Becerra

AAA - Las Vegas (38-29) 5 - Salt Lake (27-40) 1

    LHSP Steven Matz -   7.0-IP, 4-H, 0-R, 5-K, 1-BB, 2.11

    DH Anthony Recker  -  2-4, 1-R, 1-HR (1), 2-RBI, .500

    LF Jayce Boyd  -  2-4, double, 1-RBI, .277

Matz the Magnificent.  Ready for his call up, but Niese solid again. Dilemma.

Interesting that low-hit Recker was 2-4 today, Kirk 2-4 yesterday, showing the big gap between AAA and the big leagues.

AA - Binghamton (34-30) 3 - Portland (25-40) 1

    RHSP Luis Cessa -   8.0-IP, 5-H, 1-R, 5-K, 2-BB, 2.34

    RHRP Paul Sewald - 1.0-IP, 0-H, 0-R, 0-K, 0-BB, 1.53

    LF Michael Conforto -  3-4, 1-R, double, 1-RBI, .375

Cessa deserves real attention. He has had 2 very bad starts and 9 very fine ones. Tonight? Very fine indeed.  

Conforto Demolition Module remains activated.  

Sewald outstanding again.

A+ - Clearwater (33-33) 4  - St. Lucie (34-32) 3

    RHSP Miller Diaz -  5.2-IP, 4-H, 3-R, 1-K, 5-BB, 3.69

    SS Amed Rosario  -  2-5, .269

    DH Brandon Nimmo  -  1-4, double, 1-RBI, .125

Not a lot of offense for the Lucites.  A close loss.  Happens.

A - Savannah - (35-31) 2 - Asheville (30-36) 4

    RHSP Martires Arias -   5.2-IP, 5-H, 2-R, 5-K, 2-BB, 3.28
Arias has had trouble after  the first 4 or 5 innings,including today, but he's done well.

2 unearned runs off Paul Paez in the 13 decided the game.  Wuilmer Becerra 3 for 6.  A rare stinker for Luis Guillorme (0-6, 4 K's).

Rookie - DSL Mets-1 (8-8) 7  -  DSL Giants (10-5) 4

    RHSP Ramon Laguerre  -  5.0-IP, 3-H, 2-R, 0-K, 2-BB,  4.26

     RF Wagner Lagrange -  3-4, 2-RBI, .300

    SS Edgardo Fermin  -  2-4, 2-R, .220

Rookie - DSL Mets-2 (11-5) 4  - DSL Tigers (8-8) 1

    LHSP Aneury Olivo  - 6.0-IP, 4-H, 0-R, 9-K, 0-BB, 0.48

    C Carlos Sanchez -  3-4, 1-R, .281

    3B Pedro Ventura -   2-5, 1-R, double, .344


Thomas Brennan said...

Cessa has given up just 9 earned runs and 39 hits in 56 innings in the 9 good starts.

21 hits in 9 innings in his two bad ones.

Last 4 starts, just 2 earned runs.

Considering it is AA, that is impressive of the 6'3" righty. Perhaps the best prospect starter in the higher end of the system not named Matz.

Christopher Soto said...

I had pointed him out 2 months ago when I watched him pitch.

Between Brooklyn and Binghamton he's added about 3-4 ticks to his fastball and it (in my opinion) has become a plus pitch that can at a minimum carry him into an MLB relief role.

Michael S. said...

I know they're going to want Conforto to get more ABs first, but I honestly see no reason..get him to Las Vegas. He hasn't skipped a beat and is still dominating. By the end of the month the promotions should have -

AAA - Conforto
AA - Nimmo
A+ - Becerra

They've had no problem pushing Rosario and he's responded well. Get Becerra up to St. Lucie and see how he does. If the kid can handle it there's a chance he could begin next year at Bingo.

Michael S. said...

Re: Matz/Niese

No dilemma


Deal Colon for a top prospect. He has a lot of wins but his ERA stinks. Worry about trading Niese next year when Wheeler's ready.

Mack Ade said...

Read my 2pm post on Conforto from Baseball America.

They speculate that the Mets could call him up this year.

Mack Ade said...

Michael -

There really is no market for either Niese or Colon.

Why not call up Matz, keep Niese in rotation as a 4/5 inning guy, and make Colon your 'long man' leading up to Parnell and Familia?

(I'm just trying to win games)

Michael S. said...

Mack, that works just as well. I thought Colon would be more marketable than Niese but if he's more valuable to us than in trade then I'd be completely on board with what you said. I would just displace him with Matz before I move Niese.

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