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Good Morning

The Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard victories this week are reminding me of what this team went through in 1969 with Tom Seaver (24-years old 25-7, 2.21), Jerry Koosman (25-years old, 17-9, 2.28), Gary Gentry (22-years old, 13-12, 3.42), Don Cardwell (33-years old, 8-10, 3.02), and Jim McAndrew (25-years-old, 6-7, 3.47.
Check the ages out. Now, check the ERAs. Amazing.

And let’s not forget Tug McGraw, 24-years old, 9-3, 2.25, 12-saves.
DeGrom and Syndergaard game up one run in the 16 innings they pitched.

Not a ton of all-star bats on this team either, but Tommy Agee did hit 26/76. Fellow outfielder Cleon Jones added 12/75, and Art Shamky stat’d 14/47, but the largest slugging percentage was .488 (Shamsky), who also led with an 863 OPS.
This was an elite pitcher team with young arms and an occasional timely long ball. Sound familiar?

On paper, there really isn’t much difference in Agee/Jones/ Shamsky to Granderson/Cuddyer/Duda. They could pull this off with this pitching staff, especially if Steven Matz gets on the soul train. What we need now is to light a fire under Cuddter and Duda and add Daniel Murphy to the mix.

Trust me folks, if these three studs, and Harvey, pitch this well into September and Niese and Colon don’t, you will once again see the loss of the third 6-man rotation.

The Friday 3:30pm press conference by Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins was pretty much a non-issue. It was used to announce the worst kept secret about the promotion of Steven Matz to the parent team.

It was also thrown to announce that the team was back to the on-again, off-again six man rotation. 

Keep an eye on the Marlins this week, now that Giancarlo Stanton is out with a broken hand. This could easily be the final straw to make the decision to become a seller. We all know how nuts this owner is and this could be a chance to get our hands on either Martin Prado or Christian Yelich


Thomas Brennan said...

Poor Harvey. No hit support again. Meanwhile, Yanks stake Tanaka to a 6-0 lead, he squanders it all, and yet Yanks rally to win. Lets start hitting and lessen Harvey thinking the grass is greener with the team he grew up with, the one that can score almost at will.

I can't wait for some Matz Magic. And a lethal young 4- some.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Is it me but is Granderson's RISP average suck?

Ernest Dove said...

Fulmer, Nimmo and an A ball prospect for Yelich.
Boom, leadoff hitter. Under long term contract. Speed, glove, carry on..........

Charles said...

Prado likely will be traded. Yelich, I doubt, will be. It be like trading Conforto two years after he'll be promoted to the bigs because the Mets fell out of a race. He was a huge prospect and likely future all star.

The Marlins will always sell at the deadline if they're out of the race, but they rarely trade cheap young players. Even Miggy and Dontrelle, when they traded them to the Tigers, we're getting expensive.

I honestly don't see how the Mets could upgrade their offense without trading a arm from their stud rotation. Which won't heppen. So Alderson will need to find someone who will take a player like Nimmo, Dom Smith, or Checchini to make an upgrade.

I wouldn't want to see any of those three traded, but the bigger loss would be to waste a year from this rotation.

Richard Jones said...


The Marlins laugh at that suggestion. If they become sellers they wont be looking to dump low cost, young stars. Conforto, Fulmer, Montero, Rosario for Yelich

Richard Jones

Ernest Dove said...

Hey, after what Casey Meisnet did last night in his high A debut, maybe Mets can try to package him in a deal and see if somebody loves him enough to take Cuddyer too ;)

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack. Granderson has hit well of late but absolutely, he is no Eddie Murray in the clutch. A hit in the 6th would have erased a lot of Grandy negativity.

Meisner should be a highly desirable trade target. Pitching great and just turned 20.

Mack, you are right about my over-promoting minor league talent. Look at what Recker, Kirk and Campbell have done in Vegas this year: 117 at bats, .402, nine doubles, 2 triples, 15 HRs, and 39 RBIs. And at the major league level, they are hitting Duda.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

Your Yelich deal looks good for both teams. The Miami front office likes multiple team controlled talent

Mack Ade said...

Charles -

Miani doesn't need a young arm right now.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

and how many chances do you give these guys?

eraff said...

Grandy....130 vs lefties.... bottom of 6th, bases loaded wiyh an Obvious "rain Out"--- why do you have Mayberry???

Mack Ade said...

eraff -

I think we would second guess anything after a Met made out at this point.

I would have stayed with Granderson because he did have the hot bat, but he just seems to get most of his hits early in a game and late when the team is already out of it

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