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The main this about the 6-14 Sunday version of the New York Mets was they didn’t quit after Dillon Gee gave up eight runs. They simply got back up to the plate and, in this case, barreled up on the ball to hit four unanswered home runs that produced seven runs.

The only person missing from the best lineup they could put together right now was Michael Cuddyer; however, Darrell Ceciliani filled in just fine with his first home run of the season. This could change things in the second half of the season if 'DC' continues to show he belongs here. Both Cuddyer and Curtis Granderson are going to need some additional days off during the stretch and slotting Ceciliani in the lineup looks much more lethal than, let's say, Danny Muno at third.

Dilson Herrera continued to pay dividends both on the field and, this game, with a bat in his hands (second home run in the fourth inning). His web gem assist on a ground ball for the third out in the eight is just one reasons I have had him as the top prospect in the Mets chain since I released my rankings in the pre-season. Even TC said that Herrera has to stay on second base when Daniel Murphy returns. 

Folks, you’re looking at your new Mets second baseman for years to come.

I was particularly thrilled with the 1.0 scoreless inning that Bobby Parnell put up. Yes, his velocity isn’t what it used to be, and he did walk a batter, but his control was major league quality and did what the Mets asked him to do.

Didn’t I just write someone in yesterday’s comments to keep track of Juan Lagares’ OPS from 6-14 until the end of the year? Lagares is now healthy and swinging 100% through the ball and that, with his confidence and approach to the game, should add a new level of excellence this season to his game.

I’m not saying Lagares will ever win the batting title, but he’s no longer a .250 hitter either.

And I’m not saying the Mets have some super-duper home run hitting dude on this team (apologies to Lucas). What they do have is six or seven guys that can hit 20+ homers during the season, which will translate into victories like this one.

And lastly, there’s just something special about Jeurys Familia. It must be the spin he puts on the ball. Balls that come off of bats against him just seem to not be so deadly.

As a fan, don’t spend any time lamenting the loss Saturday night. You won the series and that’s what your goal was when you started out playing Atlanta on Friday. Remember… win the series, win the series.

SA and TC have some decisions to make as early as tonight. One of baseball’s most talented teams, Toronto comes to town, followed by a trip to their home stadium. I’m going to assume that the Dillon Gee experiment is over and, he goes where? Do you send down Hansel Robles and put him in the pen? Do you DFA him and see if you can make a deal with someone? Let’s face it, he really has no trade value at this point and I really don’t want this guy in the clubhouse anymore after this comeback.
Officially, TC said he doesn’t know when they will need another 6-man ‘spot starter’ which translates as we don’t have any intention of using Gee.

Next up, the Mets have two home games vs. Toronto, two in Toronto, three in Atlanta, a day off on 6-22, three at home vs. Milwaukee, three in Cincinnati, and a day off on 6-29. That’s 14 games in the next 12 days, a feat easily capable by a 5-man rotation.

This period also surpasses any Super-2 requirements, so the next decision by SA and TC could be Steven Matz.

For now, I can’t think of any reason to not begin a decent win streak right now. It also wouldn't kill us if the Pirates and Cubs would cool off a little so we could catch up to them in the loss column.

These are the kind of games a team remember for a long time.

Hats off, guys.


Thomas Brennan said...

Lots to feel good about, Mack.

Concern is having a blistering hot Jays team come to town right now.

But I agree on Dilson, the Toy Cannon at 2B.

Hobie said...

Back in ST when Wheeler was still in the mix, I thought the move should be Niese to the pen. I still think that's a viable move once super two-sday has passed. Gee to AAA in a "in-case off-fire-break-glass" locker. (Unless you could put a de Grom wig on him and fool somebody in a trade.)

And dinosaurs with the grandkids... it doesn't get any better than that, Mack.

bob gregory said...

From what I noticed about Sunday's game, the most important thing moving forward is just how the organization addresses Dillon Gee.

Watching the game, it was unbelievable just how well the Braves were "squaring-up" on the ball. Even the outs were solid contact and would have been decisive hits if they just didn't happen to be hit right at a Met fielder.

This looked much worse than a pitcher that just didn't have it for a day. This looked much worse than a player that was struggling.

When you add in the recent comments that Gee made regarding his thoughts/feelings on his current role on the team, it is not hard to draw the conclusion that Dillon Gee gave up on his preparation, gave up on his effort, gave up on caring about his performance, and the biggest athletic-sin- gave up on his teammates.
Dillon Gee gave up.

Kudos to the rest of the Mets!

I really believe its possible the team saw what was happening and were disgusted. They rallied not necessarily against the Braves. They rallied against their "former teammate", Dillon Gee.

Yes, I use "former teammate". This is not because I know he will be moved from the roster. I use it because, if what I suspect is true, Dillon Gee is now an island of his own among the Mets players and coaches. If the players believe he really gave up on them, he is now an outsider.

I would really be interested in hearing from the beat reporters that were in the locker room after the game. What was the atmosphere like around Gee? What were the players interactions (if any) like with him?
What were the coaches interactions (if any) like with him?

Once again though.... enough can not be said for the heart, determination, and pride this collection of players demonstrated on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

In short, the Mets need to move on from Gee. Doesn't matter how they got here (not performing, poor attitude) or whose fault it is. Bottom line is that he has NO trade value (or else he would be gone already) and he is contributing NOTHING to the major league roster.

Designate him for assignment and use his spot on a more productive player (Matz would be fantastic).


Brian Joura said...

I like the idea of DFAing Gee and forcing the team to make a deal.

Anonymous said...

The Gee situation must change, and now.

That said: I support him, I feel badly for him, and I think he has been a great professional for his entire time with the organization. I hate to see him dragged through the mud like this; I don't think he deserves it.

If the organization wants to go another way, then make the move. There's no need to put this guy in a bad situation, where its unlikely he'll thrive, then burn him after it doesn't go well. Not a class way to treat a good man and a quality veteran on the team.

To me, this reflects far more poorly on the organization than it does on Dillon Gee.

James Preller

bob gregory said...
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bob gregory said...


I do not entirely disagree with you.

Gee had always worked hard and gave the Mets his best even when they put him in difficult situations in the past.

If he gave up on his team however......even for what may be the most reasonable of reasons..... his place among the players and coaches does not exist any more.

This goes back to comments I made yesterday regarding what players are learning from their experiences here with the Mets over the past few years.

Did the front offices create this situation with their actions/non-actions to some degree?
Has Gee's experiences of the front offices sacrificing of the now and constant look to the future contribute to what he internalized as a learning experience that led him to this?
Has Gee learned to mistrust the Met organization due to its tendency to provide half-truths, misdirection, and lies?

The front office has contributed to the Gee actions.
The degree of this is debatable.

What is not debatable though is that Gee's actions may have alienated him from his team mates and coaches.

Good men sometimes make bad decisions. Those decisions still have a consequence. Gee has to own up to this.

IBfromWhitePlains said...

Gee stank yesterday, no denying - but what am I missing here? He has a bad game and that indicates he's lost his team and his coaches? That shows that he gave up on his team? Sorry, I don't buy into this and haven't seen anything that supports some of the intense condemnation expressed here.

I think Mr. Preller got it right - Gee has been a class act and now the team is bouncing him around without a defined role. It's up to SA to take care of business and give Gee a shot somewhere else.

I think SA will do the right thing.

bob gregory said...

did you watch the game?

It appeared that the performance was not a result of just a bad day.

more of poor preparation, lack of effort.

bob gregory said...


add to that the comments made by Gee earlier.

I could be wrong....that is why I have tried to include in all of these comments ....if I am correct.

just putting 1 + 1 together and getting the suspicion that Gee gave up.

eraff said...

Lego is a 673 OPS Career...and the new AB's look exactly like the "old" Ab's.

A Streak is a streak...and he's an exceptuional talent!!!--- but he has proven NOTHING as a hitter...other than the fact that he's a streaky and talented 660-680 OPS guy---that's not good enough.

I'm a big Lego fan!!!!....but he needs to start being a Professional Hitter.

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

back from the Jurassic World movie... very entertaining. See it in 3D

Mack Ade said...

Brian -

I think the DFAing of Gee would also send a message to the rest of the team that it is important to produce during the remainer of this season

IBfromWhitePlains said...

Bob - I watched and he was awful. I can't get into his head. He could just as easily been pressing too hard as dogging it. His rhythm is all off right now. Your clubhouse scenario could be true, I just doubt it. All due respect.

bob gregory said...

Gee designated for assignment.
I still could be wrong.
Drastic move if the organization believes it was just a bad performance.

Mack Ade said...

I congrat the Mets on the boldness of the Gee move.

Yes, it is debatable, but it sure clears up the 6-man rotation hiccup.

Mack Ade said...

BTW... Juan Lagares over the last 15 games:

.350/.350/.567 (21-for-60) with three doubles, two triples, and two home runs

Thomas Brennan said...

Great to see Lagares hitting .350 in that stretch. His OB% is identical. No walks.

He and Flores have about the same number of plate appearances as Duda and Grandy, who out-walk Wilmer and Juan by 63 to 17.

Mack Ade said...

Juan Lagares OPS since June 6th - 1.156

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