I have been comparing apples to apples in my WHO'S Hot, WHO'S NOT articles of weeks past.  

This week?  I’m going with apples and oranges: how are our Mets' minor leaguers shaping up against the competition in their own leagues? Pretty well, thank you.

For our high achievers, let's start with AAA and work our way down, (stats thru Tuesday): 

AAA – Pacific Coast League: 

Johnny Monell - batting .372 - leading the PCL after a great spring.  But there’s gotta be a “catch” somewhere J 

Matt Reynolds - despite a May-long slump, Matt is 2nd in the PCL in runs (46), 1st in doubles (21), and 8th in RBIs with 41, despite hitting 2nd this year.  Nifty. 

Alex Castellanos - 33 XBHs (1st); 20 doubles (2nd); slug % .581 (3rd); 11 HRs (7th). Impressive. 

Travis Taijeron - .565 slug (4th); 12 homers (4th) – he’s also hitting .306 (19th) - if he had more ABs, he might lead in homers. 

Wilfredo Tovar - 19 steals (2nd – how ‘bout that, Mel Allen)
Steve Matz - 2.30 ERA (2nd); 81 K's (1st) 

Duane Below - 2.28 ERA (innings too low at 47 to qualify, but it would have him 2nd ahead of Matz if he did qualify) 

AA - Eastern League: 

Gavin Cecchini .310 (8th) 

Josh Rodriguez 43 RBIs (2nd), 11 homers (1st) 

Luis Cessa – 2.51 ERA (4th) 

Paul Sewald – 1.59, 10 saves (in saves, he is only 6th, but he was splitting duties with Jon Velasquez, who has 8) 

HIGH A - Florida State League: 

Jeff McNeil - .333 BA (1st) 

Dominic Smith - 21 doubles (1st); 37 RBIs (3rd) 

Robert Gsellman - 1.76 ERA pre-promotion would have ranked him 4th 

Akeel Morris - 13 saves (2nd). His 0.78 WHIP and 12.9K/9 ratios probably the league's best, but insufficient innings to qualify. 

A BALL- S. Atlantic League: 

Jonathan Johnson .323 (3rd) 

Luis Guillorme  .306 (9th) 

Wuilmer Becerra - .491 slug % (3rd) 

Casey Meisner - 4th in ERA and strikeouts (2.15, 60) 

David Roseboom - 1.29 ERA and 6 saves in 28 relief innings. Did not comp him vs. rest of his league, and it should be note that he's split save opportunities with 6 other pitchers on the Gnats team, but his ERA speaks for itself. 

POOR PERFORMERS: At the other end of the spectrum, performing poorly are:

AAA - Cory Vaughn (.189); Bowman and Pill (ERAs of 6.34 and 6.00)

AA - Dustin Lawley (.218, 16 RBI in 50 games); Gil Gomez .140; Adam Kolarek 6.89 ERA

HIGH A - Champ Stuart.197; Phil Evans .181

A - Tyler Moore .099, so he is below the “half-Mendoza line”; Vicente Lupo 60 K's in 144 ABs; Darwin Fries 8.80 ERA in relief.

Those poor performances encapsulate a whole lot of ugly.


Lastly, a guy like Michael Conforto, being promoted, splits his stats between leagues and so does not slot into the top vs. Peers comparison, but suffice it to say, his .295 with 27 extra base hits and 39 RBIs is excellent, not to mention 30 walks in 61 games.

That’s my peer comparison – a lot to like - hope it was enlightening, readers.


Thomas Brennan said...

Becerra and Cessa added to their resumes with fine games last nite.

Mack Ade said...

I have a piece from Baseball America, naming Conforto the #2 bat (to Schwarber) in minor league baseball

Mack Ade said...

posting up at 2pm

Reese Kaplan said...

I wonder if it's strictly 40-man roster issues that kept Castellanos in AAA, or is it the "better the devil you know" thing that plagues so many Mets' decisions that put Campbell and Muno ahead of him? Ditto Matt Reynolds.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

You ask good questions and I have no idea why some players are picked and others aren't.

I'm a big fan of Castellanos and have been throughout his minor league career with the Dodgers, but I have to figure that the people who make those decisions for the Mets know more about this than you and I.

Thomas Brennan said...

Castellanos looks a lot like Andrew Brown stat-wise, but somewhat lower average. They might feel he'd be sub .200 if called up. Not sure on Reynolds either. Great April, lousy May when call ups were happening, fine June so far.

Thomas Brennan said...

Castellanos looks a lot like Andrew Brown stat-wise, but somewhat lower average. They might feel he'd be sub .200 if called up. Not sure on Reynolds either. Great April, lousy May when call ups were happening, fine June so far.

Bob Sugar said...

I believe the Mets were prepared to take Schwarber if he was not taken by the Cubs.

Michael S. said...

In all of MiLB? That's fantastic. My respect for this FO goes up daily. It has taken patience but the organization has done a 180 from where it was.

Just a few more steps and we'll be set up as a steamroller for a good long while.

Hobie said...

I don't see Castellanos replacing Ceciliano if he hits at all, his defense is too valuable.

Time to make a decision about Mayberry, though, is my thought.

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

So who will eventually win the battle of the LH hitting corner outfielder... 'DC' or Conforto?

Hobie said...

Oh, Conforto has "Kevin McReynolds" written all over him. DC is the 4th OF I thought den Dekker would be.

Now RF. Wright? :-)

Thomas Brennan said...

Ceciliani has the edge over Conforto right now...he is here already!

Hobie said...


For sure--I took "eventually" to mean...well, eventually.

I don't think we'll see Conforto until 2016; won't even burn a 40-man spot this winter.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hobie, I was running out and posted mid- thought. Absolutely, "eventually" Conforto starts for this team. Good chance in 2015 it they need a potent bat in Sept.

If Conforto came first, it would have really hurt DC's chances. Now coming first, he is getting an unexpected opportunity. Maybe they both start in 2017. It will be interesting to see if he might have as high a ceiling as Nimmo. He could fall flat, but we have yet to see whether Nimmo can hit .336 in Vegas like DC did earlier this year.

I hope Nimmo is better. We'll see.

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