The Morning Report 6.29.2015 | Matz's Superb Debut, Granderson on Fire, Flores Value Plummeting, Cubs Interested in Niese


Zach Braziller | New York Post- They stood in the bowels of Citi Field, about 15 members of Steven Matz’ immediate family and his closest friends, all of them beaming, grinning broadly and looking spent at the same time. “I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, really,” said Lori Matz, Steven’s mother. “He’s just so deserving." “It’s unreal,” said Matz’s brother Jon, a 27-year-old graphic designer. “It’s something you only imagine what it’s like. It’s kind of surreal.” Steven’s grandfather, Burt, became a social-media sensation with his reactions to every big hit.“He was incredulous, ‘I can’t believe it,’ ” Lori said. “I heard my dad is trending. It’s very interesting. He’s a great Steve fan, he’s a great Mets fan.”

(Chris Soto: Matz was unbelievable last night. Not many people, let alone MLB players, see a 96 mph fastball coming from the left side. Then you pair that with a curveball that appears to have tilt and break equivalent to Clayton Kershaw's nasty breaker and you have yourself a future star in the making. From the personal family standpoint, you have to give a hat tip to the rest of the Mets players in that clubhouse. For all the guys to come together and give Matz most of the team's free tickets for him to use for his friends and family was truly a great team moment. Those seats that Momma, Pops, and Grandpa Matz were sitting in?....of course...David Wright's suite seats. Truly a great moment for the Mets organization.) 
Barry Holmes | Rant Sports- Curtis Granderson has always been a topic of discussion, and has had immense pressure to preform since coming over from the New York Yankees in 2014. This is mostly due to the huge four-year, $60 million dollar contract that he signed. Some may say that he hasn’t performed consistently enough to deserve that amount of money. In the month of June, Granderson is hitting for an average of .281 with 6 HRs and 8 RBIs. In the last seven days, he has hit for an average of .429 with 4 HRs and 4 RBIs while also drawing five walks. Stats don’t lie, and the stats are showing that Granderson is swinging the hottest bat for the New York Mets as of right now.

(Chris Soto: And yet...the only thing people are talking about is the fly ball he missed in RF. Take him out of the lead-off spot! Trade him for peanuts to get rid of the money! Really? The Grandy Man is hitting .259 with a .357 OBP and is on pace for 25 HRs this season. He already has been worth +2.2 WAR so another win added and he meets the supposed"financial" value of his contract. The Mets certainly have offensive problems that need to be address, and Granderson is not a perfect player, but he is the least of the team's worries even before this little hot streak.)

Sean Coffey | NY Daily News- It's not longer just talk. After 76 games, the Mets have moved Wilmer Flores to second base. He started at second Sunday for the first time since the final game of the 2014 season. “I wanted to get him out there for a game,” Terry Collins said after the Mets’ 7-2 victory. The News reported last week that the Mets were considering moving Flores to second base as a better defensive and offensive alignment for when Daniel Murphy returns, in part because third baseman David Wright is nowhere near returning. Murphy will play third when he returns from the DL and until Wright returns.

(Chris Soto: From a non problem to a potentially big problem. While Flores moving over from SS to 2B certainly improves the overall team defense, from a personnel standpoint, it severely reduces Flores value in regards to the rest of the MLB. The average SS has been producing a measly .669 OPS, a stat that Flores has been on par with even during his struggles. However the average 2B, has an OPS that 20 points higher at .689. Flores need to work even harder now to start producing or else he's going to end up be an even bigger detriment to the team than he was before, at which point maybe Matt Reynolds starts knocking on his door.)

Connor O'Brien | Metsmerized Online- The Chicago Cubs are [reportedly] somewhat interested in Jon Niese as a potential trade target. However, the Cubs will likely have their sights set a little higher. Niese, 28, has a 4.12 ERA in 83 innings this season. Over eight seasons with the Mets, he owns a 3.89 ERA as well as walk and strikeout rates of 2.7 and 7.1. The big issue is Niese’s contract. He is making $9 million next season and has a $500,000 buyout or a $10 million option for the season after that. If the Mets want to use Niese in any deal for an upgrade at shortstop Niese would only be part of a package. The Mets would have to add more to a deal.

(Chris Soto: The Mets and Cubs have been linked together for a potential trade for months now as the two teams just match up way to well. That said the interest in Niese is a bit surprising. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that he has found some consistency this month with a 3.46 ERA in his 4 starts and an 7.3 K/9 rate. There has been quite a bit of chatter for a rumored Javier Baez for Niese swap but Baez has been sidelined with an injury since June 7th. In addition, while Baez has rare power from a middle infielder, his K rate is always through the roof. He is also a terrible defender at SS and mostly plays 3B now. The club would be better served to maybe package Niese together with a high upside prospect arm like Fulmer, Meisner, or Gsellman to make a run at Addison Russell.)


eraff said...


..650 ops in 150 MLB AB's.... Wilmer is a 650 OPS is 650 Ab's.

Herrerra Has Speed...a Nice Glove Upside...he walks...has Pop...

I do not see Wilmer as a Mid Infielder... 3b?...maybe.

I'd like Dilson as the Starter, with Wilmer in Rotation at every infield position, including 1b. He's a RH Spot for Both Murph and Duda, and an effective "Rest Day/Matchup guy" for spotting Dilson and Tejada...and he can be an effective Bench Bat, double switch rool.

eraff said...

I believe Dilson has equal Bat Upside to Flores...and the Speed, Defense make him the Guy.

Ernest Dove said...

Yeah I also assume that Herrera is the odd man out here. Like everyone else in this lineup (except Grandy and Matz of course) he's just not hitting. And since the Mets obviously remain commited to Wilmer this year, it is what it is.
Honestly, at this point, im more worried about LF then I am 2B and SS.
And, for the love of God, can Mayberry finally be released?

Richard Jones said...

I don't know about Flores at 3b. Even from 2nd yesterday Duda was having to pick throws from Flores out of the dirt. Flores bat will come around. He has proven he can hit. The problem is still where to play him. 2nd may be the best position for him but like the other posts here, I prefer Herrera.
I wonder how much trade value Flores has as a 2nd basemen. He has little as a SS. Maybe moving him to 2nd is part of a bigger plan to move him to another team. What the Mets need to be targeting is a slick field SS and a bat at 3b. Maybe a package of Neise and a prospect for Baez can get us the 3b.
Richard Jones

Reese Kaplan said...

I wouldn't let the fact that Baez should move to 3B dissuade the team from a potential trade. After all, they may be looking for a long term answer at 3B depending on the state of Wright's health.

Reese Kaplan said...

Off-topic, any thoughts as to why Leathersich and not Robles was optioned to make room for Matz? 2.31 ERA vs. 5.03...maybe if the manager used Leathersich properly, taking into account his reverse platoon splits, rather than trying to shoehorn into the LOOGY role he would have been used more.

Mack Ade said...

It's my guess that the Mets will work out a deal for Baez for Niese + probably a mid-infield prospect like Rosario. I think the Mets moving Flores to second is just another attempt to find somewhere to park his home run potential

Regarding Matz... unbelievable

Thomas Brennan said...

If they send Herrera down, why not move Reynolds to 3rd (add to his versatility) and let Herrera play SS for Vegas? Ruben, as Reese would certainly agree, IS NOT THE ANSWER AT SS. If we don't trade for one, my guess is Herrera would be better defensively at SS than Flores is, and a much higher offensive upside. Ruben at 9 for his last 59 is "enough, already." Flores at 2B, Murph at 3rd, Dilson at SS.

If there are reservations about Reynolds and Tovar, so they're not calling them up to replace Tejada, then Herrera might be the answer at SS for the rest of 2015.

Thomas Brennan said...

Flores got robbed of a homer yesterday, speaking of homers by Flores, Mack.

Thomas Brennan said...

Leathersich will be back. Reese is right, he actually excels versus righties and should not be pigeon-holed as a LOOGY. I think Robles got kept because he can throw in the upper 90s. And Gilmartin's ace in the hole over Jack is the Mets must keep him on the team or lose him.

gapr_09 said...

Niese and meisner for corey seager... it's posible ???

Christopher Soto said...


Doubt it...getting Corey Seager would HAVE to require one of the new Young FAB 5 pitchers.

ZachBoyer said...

There has to be a reason Herrera hasn't been tried out at SS already. I'm guessing arm strength?

And Niese and Rosario is a much more realistic package than any C. Soto suggested. Pleasantly SHOCKED if they could get Baez for Niese and Fulmer. And I can't even dignify the Russell proposal with a response.

Don't you think how a hitter does vs. a particular side has something to do with Terry's matchup decisions? I.e., despite the fact that Leathersich himself might be good vs, righties, that there are just some right-handed hitters who struggle vs. right-handed power pitching? So with three left-handed relievers (not one of whom is considered a LOOGY), I feel like Robles is more valuable right now, at least until Mejia comes back, at which point I wouldn't be surprised if he were sent down too. (Although I like both Robles and Leathersich.)

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

I got a replacement for Mayberry for you that was DFAd yesterday.

26 years old

in 6 MLB seasons - 1,592-AB - .275/.336/.377/713, 17-HR, 126-RBI

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

Jose Tabata

Thomas Brennan said...

I feel bad that I did not follow this stuff as much in 2008 and 2009. The high school for the neighborhood where I lived then was Steve Matz's high school. How cool would that have been, to see him then?

Christopher Soto said...


Correct, Dilson Herrera does not have the arm strength to stick at SS.

To comment on your trade statements...I do believe you are overvaluing Javier Baez. Yes....he has excellent power, however, defensively he is just as bad as Wilmer Flores is at SS. Baez also K's at an extremely high rate (~30% in AAA, ~40% in MLB). This limits Baez's upside. At best he becomes a .240 AVG, 25 HR average defensive 3B. Niese straight is VERY reasonable for that value.

Christopher Soto said...

As for the Russell proposal....Your right....it would take more than Niese + Meisner for Addison Russell but it's still a good starting base.

Niese, Cecchini or Rosario, and Meisner/Gsellman/or Fulmer could be enough in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that Sandy better not deal any of the "fab 5" starters, which includes the four potential aces we have now and Wheeler, once he is healthy (short of getting a Mike Trout type player, that is)

Find some offense another way.....this rotation has the potential to be epic! Think back to the Orioles rotations in the 70's, or the Braves rotations in the late 80's and early 90's.

Harvey, DeGrom, Matz, Syndergaard and Wheeler! Are you kidding me?

IF Sandy deals any of them, I may drive to NY and pop him in the lip!

bob gregory said...

Epic rotation is squandered if the team can't score runs.
Also only 4 starters needed for the playoffs

Anonymous said...

About the Fab 5:

Harvey, deGrom, Matz---drafted by Omar!

Thor and Wheeler---acquired in trade for FAs signed by Omar.

Can we trade Sandy and sign Omar as a FA?

Anonymous said...

A few comments:

* Nice info on the team & tickets for Matz.

* You sound a little petulant about Granderson. I think everyone is recognizing that he's been the hottest Met and saying good things. The "move him out of leadoff" movement, if you will, is not a criticism, it's a recognition that he might be more productive at a different spot in the order. It was right there in the article you quoted: 6 HRs & 8 RBI in June. I believe he's up to 10 solo shots.

* Don't agree at all about Flores' value. When determining the value of a player, a team should use him in a way that makes him most valuable to that team. Period. And we also need to stop assuming that every other team is run by complete idiots. He's a terrible SS, everybody can see that. Somebody might think that he'll get better, or that "terrible" isn't really that bad, or whatever. But moving him off SS does not whatsoever to his value on the trade market, because I highly doubt there's an organization in baseball that would see him primarily as an everyday SS. A great utility guy, perhaps. It could also be argued that if he plays a strong 2B, and relaxes at the plate, his value will go up to any team seeking a 2B with pop. Conclusion: Play the guys where they will contribute the most to the team. Value will take care of itself.

James Preller

ZachBoyer said...

I feel like that's a good starting base if you want Theo to hang up and henceforth screen all incoming calls from you.

"Niese, Cecchini or Rosario, and Meisner/Gsellman/or Fulmer could be enough in my opinion"—that would be my start.

Russell was a top-10 prospect headed into this year. So too was Syndergaard. Would you take a similar haul for Noah? I would not.

As for Baez, you might be right. I don't know. It's all speculation, anyway. Especially w/ him. I heard as many as 35 HR as his ceiling last year when he got called up. But maybe that's before he started striking out at an unprecedented rate?

ZachBoyer said...

Oh, and especially when you consider Niese is owed 9 million or so and Baez/Russell are young and therefore cheap.

Richard Jones said...

Neise, Conforto, and Flores for Russell and a high ceiling, lower minor league prospect.

ZachBoyer said...

Yeah, I don't think he'd hang up on you. But if SA, don't even know if I'd do that. Plus in a way, it's more a trade for the future anyway. Just because Russell's numbers aren't that much better than Tejada's right now. Don't know how much that helps you in 2015? I wish to God Flores could learn to get his OBP to .300-.320.

Another interesting aspect: A lot of Niese rumors floating about right now. What happens to the 6-man then? I'd legitimately fear for Sandy's safety if this team's in a playoff race and they shut down Harvey.

Thomas Brennan said...

If Niese is traded, Gee comes back. The Vegas revolving door is how it is right now. Gee can accept it or damage his image. He needs to earn his paycheck and worry about next year this off-seasonl

jd said...

You have to give to get. I already hear you all screaming but... I like DeGrom and Matz. Not letting them go anywhere. I think Thor and Harvey are your trade bait if you want to get a top tier player: I will now pause to allow you to rant and moan for a moment. Now... before you say NEVER!!! How about these ideas?

Harvey for Bryant
Harvey for Russell and Soler
Harvey for Urias and Seager

Thor won't get you Bryant but might get you Russell or Seager.
I would do any of the Harvey deals above because though he's the dark knight and everyone has visions of Seaver and Ryan. He is only one player who pitches every five days. He is replaceable. He is a Yankee and will be when his free agency comes around.

Anonymous said...

Recker PCL player of the week, hitting .344 w/ 5 HRS.

Waiting for Tom to start wondering why the Mets won't call him up.

Las Vegas is a horrible, horrible, horrible place to have a AAA franchise. For a GM with a focus on the farm system, landing the team here, and then renewing the contract, just strikes me as counter-productive.

Like I said before, we know why Colorado plays where they do, even if it is a competitive disadvantage. But why the NY Mets are in Vegas is a sad story of a series of poor decisions.

James Preller

ZachBoyer said...

"Harvey for Urias and Seager"—this one I'd probably do. I don't think they would.

Nor do I think you necessarily have to give up any of the 5 Aces to get what you need.

Of course, nor do I think a Niese/Fulmer deal will get you a Russell.

It's just more nuanced than all that. …

Thomas Brennan said...

James...Recker is player of the week in PCL. Wonder why they are not calling him up? LOL. Hey,he can play 3B, so make him the Mets' 3B backup and 3rd catcher? Not with Murphy returning, unfortunately.

I personally liked Monell's start Sunday, 2 well struck hits and 2 solid outs. Even with just 4 for 25,Monell has K'd just 4 times, or about 10 less times than Recker would. To Recker's credit, while he was 1-5 Last night, no strikeouts. In fact, only 1 K in his last 20 at bats. After striking out 4 times in a row before that, though. I prefer Monell's ability to make contact against righties.

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