This roster has seen a whole lot of shaking going on. WHOOSH!

Who woulda thunk back in February, as spring training commenced, that by mid-June we woulda seen Akeel Morris promoted straight from St Lucie to the Mets?   Huh?   No standardized “X number of innings in Binghamton and Vegas” first? Conservative Sandy did that?

Darrell Ceciliani on the team and contributing well? 

Sean Gilmartin a mainstay in the bullpen?  

Whiffleball Kirk makes the team, whiffs a lot, gone to LA, and seemingly back in Vegas soon again?  

David Wright out until after the All Star game he used to play in?   

Hansel Robles getting big innings, as Black, Mejia, and until Sunday Parnell were perpetually MIA? 

Danny Muno getting several call ups, regardless of how he did with the opportunities?   

Anthony "no hit" Recker banished to the minors (if I can't catch a no hitter, at least I can go hitless in one – “no hits” are my specialty)?   

Kevin Plawecki making his debut and having 117 plate appearances by June 14? 

How about Johnny Monell called up?  No one expected that when spring started. 

Jerry Blevins? Alex Torres?  Both here.    

Matt the Decker of the Den gone? 

Dilson Herrera here, hurt, and here again?  With cone ears?

Erik Goeddel getting big pen innings before a cloudy MRI clouds his future?

"He's so flawed" Jack Leathersich having 2 bad outings to start the spring, then going virtually unscored on thereafter (spring, AAA, majors) and tossing solid, meaningful innings for the Mets? 

How about Noah Syndergaard being called up before Super 2 and thrust into the starting rotation?  And showing Harvey and deGrom how it's done last night by obliterating a smoking hot team.

How about maternity and bereavement leaves? 

All before mid-June...and through the games of June 15 – Mets are still in first place? 

I am amazed...amazed. 

And a little dizzy. How about you?  

I am ready for more. How about you? 

Looking ahead, I'm ready: 

I' m ready for Harvey Payback Time. 

I'm ready to watch a guy who was on no one's radar screen in spring 2014 and is now the greatest starting pitcher on the planet, Jake deGrom, do it some more. 

I'm ready to watch Big Bad Bartolo wield a hot stick and lead the league in wins. 

I'm ready for Steve Matz.  Everyone else has come to the party. 

Yes, I'm ready for the whirlwind to continue, and for the Mets to blow away the opposition at the same time. 

I'm ready.  Are you?


Reese Kaplan said...

You left out Jeurys "We Are" Familia (last night notwithstanding) being the very definition of a shutdown closer when he was supposed to be the 8th inning guy.

Tom Brennan said...

Great point on Familia, Reese. I still fondly recall after his 2013 elbow chip clean up, he pitched winter ball, and was shaky, quite shaky...until the last 4.1 shutout innings when he struck out 11. Right then, I thought this guy might just be the best pen guy of them all. And he certainly is the Mets' best, even if Parnell and Mejia were 100%.

Tom Brennan said...

I heard Murphy has been so diligent in working to recover from his quad injury that he sleeps with headphones on listening to the Who's Quadrophenia album.

and Mejia's been listening to"Won't Get Fooled Again" to remind himself that Sandy is watching.

Hobie said...

1- Wilmer & Dilson continue to play steady, clutch & flashes of spectacular.
2- Murph picks up where he fey off.
3- David returns

Now what? (Serious question)

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

Like all teams, the stars go first.

Both Wright and Murphy will slot back in at 3B and 2B; however, you will not see them playing every day for at least the first 2 weeks. It will take some time for them to get up to 100% speed and play the entire schedule without a breather.

This is where Herrera will come in.

He will play 2B when Murphy needs a day off, and when Murphy needs to spell Wright at third. Tejada will spell Flores.

Past that, Herrera will become a credible utility bat. He's no longer a minor league baseball player

Tom Brennan said...

As Mack knows, you can't take stenosis lightly. David, assuming he returns before Sept (we all thought Parnell and Black would arrive sooner when we were back in April, so I will believe Wright at All Star Break when we actually see him) will still like.get plenty of off days.Wuilmer will need a rest, and Murph will be rested once every several days to avoid a relapse. Dilson should play a lot even if Wright returns. As long as he hits.

Reese Kaplan said...

I wonder if anyone ever considered whether or not Herrera could play SS and then move Flores to 2B? I'm not suggesting it, but that diving play with the flip from the glove hand showed me he's got some good defensive skills.

Reese Kaplan said...

Oh, and Tom, I thought Jenrry would be listening to Huey Lewis' "I Want a New Drug" :)

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

They may have considered that, but they stated early on that Flores was going to remain on SS come what may.

They have held that plan and, I for one think it will pay out in the long run.

(the next problem here will be what to do with Matt Reynolds next spring when Cecchini is ready to play AAA)

Tom Brennan said...

Jennry's new drug, if it ends in OL, better be Geritol, Reese.

Matt Reynolds has to make his case day by day. Great spring, great April, bad May, good June so far. Show May was a fluke, keep working hard and, like Leathersich (the man with the 1.74 ERA), he'll force his way up here (or somewhere else) soon.

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