I'm sure, somewhere, Matt Harvey allowed himself to momentarily dream yesterday.
Another of so many of his career starts had gone very well, but the aptly-named "offense" was 1) putrid, 2) awful, 3) agonizing again.  You select.

But then Grandy singled leading off the 9th,and the next batter did too. 2 on, none out, heart of the order.  Harvey sat wishing for what every Mets starter prays for...a no-decision.  Surely it was too much to hope they could go ahead in a situation like that...but perhaps a tie game.  A drop of water on a thirsty Harvey tongue.

Alas....Duda flies out, and runners do not advance.  Harvey starts to doubt, not wanting to.
After all, former batting champ Michael Cuddyer was striding to the plate.  Two things about that, though.  First, Ty Cobb is a former batting champ, too, but he was unfortunately unavailable to pinch hit.  Second, Cuddyer is prone to the DP ball.  But he wouldn't do that here, right, so let's not pinch hit Jake deGrom for him.  Tempting as that might be.

Anyway, true to Met form, Cuddyer hit into yet another DP, and Harvey learned once again that the grass may not always be greener elsewhere, but it sure looks greener in the Bronx.

So...I polled the man on the street about these Mets.  Actually, my brother, cousin, and a friend.  None was in the street at the time, either. But I digress.  All 3 are big and long-time Mets fans.  What they said was unprintable.

They are beyond disgusted.  It's been a long haul as a Met fan for each, and they passed the town of Disgusted long ago.

 Just thought the Wilpons might like to know that. 
Oh, and they also all wished the Wilpons would sell the team at the earliest possible date.

My cousin, who watches all the games, cannot believe how many games Flores has cost them at SS and that they don't play him at 2nd.  All 3 bemoaned the Mets' unbelievable lack of success at giving guys (homegrown or free agent or via trade) multi-year contracts.  Especially old guys.  

One year deals like Byrd's we can live with when it comes to older guys.  These other deals? WOW!
The injuries have hurt, sure.  

But the team never hits, and is poor in the clutch.  Add iron gloves this year, courtesy of Chuck Hiller.

Time to fire the owners.  The GM.  The manager. Well, at least we can ask the owners to leave.


IBfromWhitePlains said...

Tom - When an eternal optimist like you is this down on the Mets we know things are bad. There's a German term, Weltschmerz, means "...apathy caused by comparison of actual state with an ideal state". Man, that spells me all over...every year I get the mother of all Weltschmerz [Met-schmerz] just around this time of year, if not sooner. This team is devoid of clutch outside of a few nice Wilmer Flores timely hits. That's my biased perception, anyway. What would you give up for a Paul Goldschmidt?

IBfromWhitePlains said...

The Goldschmidt question is purely hypothetical. I know Arizona is never trading him.

Thomas Brennan said...

Wow. For Goldschmidt, I would trade Thor or Matz, and Duda. Substitute Nimmo and Smith and Cessa for Thor or Matz, preferably.

He is an awesome hitter. A true game changer who has hit better on the road than in Arizona.

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