Arbitration Update - C - Rene Rivera


C Rene Rivera settles with Mets - $1.75mil


Mack Ade said...

IMO, this speaks volumes on the lack of confidence this team has with Kevin Plawecki.

It also shows that the Mets were afraid to expose Rivera in a free agent market that is void of decent major league ready catchers.

Thomas Brennan said...

I liked him and am glad he is staying. great D, great with pitchers, power, lousy average. That package seems better than Plawecki's.

Adam Smith said...

Count me as a Rivera fan. Glad to have him back.

TP said...

Glad Rene is back. Reminds me somewhat of Jerry Grote. TDA and KPlaw still have a chance to improve but this staff needs a guy like Rivera and respects him as well.

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