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Good Morning.

My 2017 Binghamton infied -

1B – Kevin Taylor – 24/yrs – AA: 399-AB, .288, 8-HR – I’m a fast track kind of General Manager and I’m going to move this along as quick as I can, knowing that Peter Alonso (21/yrs, Brklyn, .321) could be right behind him. Taylor is a rags-to-riches story in the making… a 2011 36th round draft pick by the Dodgers out of a Community College than wound up in Indy ball in 2014 and 2015. Hit .327, 11-HR for Laredo in the American Association in 2015 before the Mets signed him to play last year in St. Lucie. Is he a future major league first baseman? Who the heck knows at this point.

2B – L.J. Mazzilli – Mazzilli had an exception year in 2014 for Savannah (250-AB, .292) and St. Lucie (250-AB, .312), but has not hit above .263 since. His .240 last season for Binghamton was particularly disappointing. I have no room for him in Las Vegas so I’ll have him come back here and try one more time to impress. Family contact or not, he has to produce.

SS – Luis Guillorme – Guillorme is like T.J. Rivera version 2.0. Had a magical year in Savannah in 2015 (.318, .391-OBP) and settled in last year for St. Lucie (441-AB, .263). One of the top defensive infielders in the organization, his biggest problem will come when he’s trying to force out Amed Rosario for the Mets shortstop position. Until then, enjoy the kid.

3B – David Thompson – Frankly, I had three third basemen to pick from here and I went with the one with the most talent, highest investment by the team, and highest projected return. Thompson was a steal as a 4th round draft pick in 2015 after leading the NCAA with 90-RBIs for the U. 2016 was his first full professional year and he hit 11-HR/95-RBIs split with Columbia and St. Lucie. I’m fast tracking him to AA because he will play 2017 as a 23 year old and we desperately need a power hitting, young, healthy third baseman someday in Queens.

UT/IF – Jhoan Urena – 21/yrs old – A highly touted international prospect at 16, Urena has had a hard time staying uninjured and unsuspended. Life is quickly passing the young Met by and he’ll now lose his third base position to Thompson. It could even be worse than that since he really only plays one infield position and doesn’t fill the requirements needed for a utility infielder. A DH maybe (frankly, I may rethink this whole thing and replace him with either Jonathan Johnson or Vinny Siena).

UT/IF – Derrick Gibson – My third 3Bman, though this one can play three positions in the infield. The 26-year old ex-2nd round BoSox pick (2008) had a great year for the B-Mets last season (392-AB, .281) after he was dropped by Baltimore after the 2015 season. He would be my starter but I have to go first with Thompson, who the team has much more ching invested in.

        Update - I wrote this piece before Gibson signed a new deal with a new team... since it is a UT fill in, I will assume the Mets will not rush someone from inside the organization and instead sign someone outside the organization, like Gibson was orginally signed.

C – Tomas Nido - 22/yrs – St. Lucie: 344-AB, .320 – Nido was an over-slot 8th round high school pick in 2012 that was supposed to be the bomb behind the plate. He got off to a slow start for Kingsport (2012) and Brooklyn (2013), found his pace in 2014 for Brooklyn (.277) and 2015 for Savannah (.259) and then broke out last year for St. Lucie, where he led the league in hitting. Yes, a Mets catcher led the league in hitting. Can I hear an Amen?

C/UT – Lednier Ricardo – Ricardo is what he is… a backup catcher. Nido will get most of the games here and, if he stumbles or is injured, I’ll call up Brandon Brosher from St. Lucie. 


Thomas Brennan said...

Just 117 games for Thompson to get those 95 RBIs. Let's hope he catches fire.

AMEN on Nido.

I hope Guiillorme adds some pop. Few Bud Harrelson slap hitter defensive types make the bigs anymore. The curse of needing to carry 12 pitchers vs. 10 in Bud's day. Rivera added power, Luis needs to also.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

We all know the most talented baseball players are 'middle fielders (C, P, SS, 2B, CF), but the Mets obsession with shortstops over the past five years has been... well, it has been an obsession.

I live Luis (love his father too!), but I just do not see a road to Queens for him.

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree, Mack, unless Luis' lack of power changes.m. Such a shame they. Don't expand major league rosters by one...30 more guys would get to live the dream.

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