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Good morning.

If - conjunction
1.     introducing a conditional clause. synonyms:     on (the) condition that, provided (that), providing (that), presuming (that), supposing (that), assuming (that), as long as, given that, in the event that… "if the rain holds out, we can walk"

This is my annual ‘if’ post.

I’ve done this for the past, oh, six or seven years and it explains that the Mets will win the World Series… if… all the stars are aligned and everything goes perfect for the members of the team that were assembled for that season. It also helps give truth to the statement that pigs can flap their ears and fly to the moon.

Okay, let’s get started…

The Mets will win the World Series… if…

            -1B Lucas Duda is 100% fully healed from his stress fracture in his back and returned to his 2014 slash line of .253/.349/.481/830, 30-HR, 92-RBI.

            -2B Neil Walker is 100% fully healed (am I seeing a pattern here?) from his herniated disc in his back.

            -SS Astrubel Cabbrera repeats the wonderful season he had in 2016.

            -3B David Wright is… God, where do we start?

            -IF Jose Reyes can somehow return to days of yesterday when he hit baseballs rather than wives.

            -OF Curtis Granderson can finally get off to a decent start this season and stay consistent throughout the season.

            -OF Michael Conforto returns to the kind of hitter he showed us he is capable of becoming and gets back on the good side of Sandy Alderson

-OF Yoenes Cespedes decides to run out all ground balls in the infield and flies to the outfield while completely all plays defensively in whatever outfield position he is slotted into the lineup.

-C Travis d’Arnaud needs to add 3-5 miles per hour to his throws to second base and also needs to aim his bat correctly when he hits.

-SP Matt Harvey needs to come to camp 100% healthy and produce the kind of numbers he has done in the past.

-SP Jacob deGrom needs to come to camp 100% healthy and produce the kind of numbers he has done in the past, V2.0

-SP Steven Matz needs to come to camp 100% healthy and produce the kind of numbers he has done in the past, V3.0

-SP Zack Wheeler needs to come to camp 100% healthy and produce the kind of numbers he has done in the past, V4.0

-CL Jeurys Familia needs to serve out his suspension, and come back as strong as he pitched last year in the regular season.

-RP/CL2 Addison Reed has to hang in there while Familia is out and punch out similar numbers to last season.


Thomas Brennan said...

Wow, similar article to the one I just drafted during my prison stay on the LIRR. Hope to post it for 10 AM. LOTS OF IFS is right. Great minds think alike.

Frank Anon said...

and IF...

Cubs and Nats suffer the same kind of injury year we had last year

Mack Ade said...

There is a lot of talent on this team, but it still will come down to the rotation and how healthy they will stay throughout the season.

Reese Kaplan said...

If the manager gives younger players chances and benches underperforming veteterans...

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

I agree when it comes to Conforto. Play him every day for the season and let's see what we have here.

As for veterans that are under preforming, who and who would we replace them with? Our AAA pipeline is pretty thin these days.

Thomas Brennan said...

Conforto needs to succeed in 2017 - meaning his at bats vs lefties should really be minimized. A strong 2017 could then lead to full time in 2018, hitting against both lefties and righties.

Hobie said...

Anything Wright contributes is a bonus - and even then I'll ask "could TJ have done that (& more)?

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

I do not see Rivera as a potential full time replacement for Wright.

I would move Walker over from second and replace him with Flores until someone else comes along.

Lastly, do not be surprised if David Thompson is not fast tracked and could arrive in Queens by September. He will be 23 and he goes into this year as the 2015 NCAA RBI leader and has 117 professional ribbies in 175 games.

Eddie Corona said...

any thing wright doesn't isn't a bonus... the last 2 years Sandy was able to acquire a trade mid season because they were able to recover Salary Relief from Wrights Contract in INSURANCE...
If wright actually stays on the field then I suspect there would be no way to have any reinforcements mid season if Needed... (and I do not believe wright has a position any more, he cannot throw anymore or be productive offensively)
Its always money with this team... Best thing that can happen is Wright retires... Hate to see him fall from grace but we have to evaluate with our eyes not our hearts...

Thomas Brennan said...

On Thompson, Mack, it will be interesting to see if he starts the season in AA...that would be a real fast tracking signal.

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