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Recently a story ran about the plethora of high quality Toronto Blue Jays now playing for other teams.  That got me to thinking about the former Mets earning their living around baseball so I set about trying to come up with a similar list. Surprisingly, there were very few credible offensive players once you got past Carlos Beltran, Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner.  You have quite a few starters and relievers which makes sense since this organization is more well known for developing guys who throw the ball than they are for guys who wield a bat:

1B           James Loney (FA)
2B           Daniel Murphy (Nationals)
SS           Ruben Tejada (minors with Yankees)
3B           Justin Turner (Dodgers)
LF            Carlos Beltran (Astros)
CF           Carlos Gomez  (Rangers)
RF           Angel Pagan (FA)
C             Anthony Recker (Braves)
SP           R.A. Dickey (Braves)
SP           Bartolo Colon (Braves)
SP           Michael Fulmer (Tigers)
SP           Chris Young (Royals)
SP           Colin McHugh (Astros)
SP           Mike Pelfrey (Tigers)
SP           Jonathon Niese (FA)
RP           Frankie Rodriguez  (Tigers)
RP           Joe Smith (FA)
RP           Tyler Clippard (Yankees)
RP           Matt Bowman (Cardinals)
RP           Matt Koch (Diamondbacks)
RP           Oliver Perez (Nationals)
RP           Carlos Torres (Brewers)
RP           Antonio Bastardo (Pirates)
RP           Dario Alvarez (Braves)
RP           Eric O’Flaherty (Braves)
RP           John Gant  (Cardinals)
RP           Jerry Blevins (FA)
RP           Fernando Salas (FA)
RP           Chris Capuano (FA)
RP           Yusmeiro Petit (FA)
Bench      Chris Young (Red Sox)
Bench      Kirk Nieuwenhuis (Brewers)
Bench      Matt den Dekker Marlins)
Bench      Marlon Byrd (FA)
Bench      Alejandro de Aza (FA)
Bench      Jeff Francoeur (FA)
Bench      Kelly Johnson (FA)

Is there anyone conspicuous I missed?


Natale DiDonato said...

Colin Cowbell (gill)

Mack Ade said...

Maybe -

1B Ike Davis (FA)

Thomas Brennan said...

Quite a telling list - almost no hitters. No one else I can think of, off hand. While not too many offensive guys, Murphy and Turner are two toughies to lose for nothing.

Dallas said...

I guess its good that very few of these players: Murphy, Turner, Fulmer are actually really good. Some of the others are certainly adequate but nothing I think we are missing out on. Beltran does continue to impress. One of the few players you could have signed to a 10-12 year deal and got your moneys worth. Hall of Famer.

eraff said...

Bautista was Once a Met...for less than 24 hours in 2004. Traded JUstin Huber (C) for Bautista---then they turned around and Traded Bautista and Ty Wigginton to The Pirates for Benson and Keppinger.

Reese Kaplan said...

Thanks for the update on Bautista. I did a quick scan of his record and didn't see anything for the Mets, but remember also hearing he was once property of the team. I didn't know the details.

Thomas Brennan said...

We got Benson's wife out of that deal.

Reese Kaplan said...
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Reese Kaplan said...

'Tis a shame she's more fondly remembered than her husband's tenure as a Met:


Apparently, like the Mets, she no longer wanted him either.

Mack Ade said...

They sure loved her at Clemson

Anonymous said...

how about Bobby Parnell?

Reese Kaplan said...

Is he still kicking around somewhere?

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