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Good morning.

First of all, I want to thank the three readers that donated $170 to the site in November (I never print the name of the donors unless they ask it to be done). 

We’re nowhere near Jill Stein numbers, but every buck is greatly appreciated.

This drive will end at the end of December, though we will keep the donation command (on the right side of the lead page) on the site throughout the year.

Again, God bless to the three of you.

There was no big secret what the Mets will be looking for at the Winter Meetings this week. The signing of Yoenes Cespedes and Rene Rivera helped define the 2017 team by eliminating two basic needs, the return of the best hitter on the team, and a really good defensive backup catcher that the pitchers love having on the team. I wouldn’t be surprised if Noah Syndergaard (who has become the ace of this staff) didn’t have a vote in for Rivera. .

Another factor was the press conference that Jacob deGrom had before the meetings saying that he will be 100% when pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Add to that a healthy report card for Steven Matz and the 2017 rotation is starting to shape up

Still, the loss of Bartolo Colon and the undetermined status of Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler should prevent any deals during these meetings that would include either Seth Lugo or Robert Gsellman. Sandy Alderson isn’t stupid. He knows the so-called ‘super rotation’ is far from pitching together at the same time.

So, the goals for the winter meetings as they opened were simple… trade either Jay Bruce or Curtis Granderson for a premier relief pitcher or a package of high end prospects, fill in with a fifth outfielder that you would consider being better than Brandon Nimmo, and rummage around for another relief pitcher or two.

My guess is that the Cespedes deal will be the highlight of any off-season signings, Bruce will be moved, and the Mets will either sign a quality free agent reliever or get one in a Bruce transaction. Past that, I don’t see anything else.


Thomas Brennan said...

I'm sure Macks Mets would appreciate donations in any amount, so sometimes thinking small is better than nothing at all.

We picked up Cabrera, Walker and re-picked up Cespedes last winter. May Sandy dazzle us again.

Mack, you are right about the pitching...we can only hope our top 5 are healthy and in high gear when spring training ends. I'd try not to trade any of our 7 starters until midseason, at which time, maybe a talent like Justin Dunn races thru the system, or Marcos Molina shows he is 100% back and on fire. Both of which are unlikely. Seems best timetable for both as possible starters is early 2018.

Amazing to think that Lugo (34th round) and Gsellman (13th round) combined for 9-4, 2.50 in 2016. How would we like to see Harvey or Wheeler start with those #s in 2017?

Jon Messinger said...

I've seen so many posts that Mack's Mets is the best Mets blog site on the web, and their first read every day. Three contributions? common on, guys!!

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I agree with you about Dunn. I easily see his ETA being in late 2019

Mack Ade said...

Jon -

Thank you for your kind words.

Reese Kaplan said...

Right now the team is worse than the one that ended 2016. You have lost Colon, Blevins, Salas and thankfully Niese, Verrett, de Aza, Campbell and Henderson. Again it seems as if the "plan" is for healthy and productive seasons out of everyone. We know how that story ends. I'd rather have 8 good starters, 10 good relievers, 5 good outfielders and 6 good infielders as well as 3 good catchers. Whomever doesn't come north can go to Vegas it be traded. The team is far from that deep yet.

bill metsiac said...

The team that ended 2016 had no Harvey, Wheeler, Matz, or Walker, and had Duda just beginning to play after a long layoff. Not to mention no David.

How is this team "worse"?

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

I agree on Colon, Blevens, and Salas.

The replacement for Colon in 2018 will come from within the system, either Wheeler, Gsellman, or Lugo. This could easily be a wash.

As for the loss of Blevens and Salas, let us give Sandy Alderson the time needed to solve this.

Mack Ade said...

Bill and Reese -

I understand both your points.

The SP injuries allowed for the blossoming of both Lugo and Gsellman.

And none of the injuries listed have anything to do with the pen.

Thomas Brennan said...

You forgot the partridge in the pear tree!

Thomas Brennan said...

Another day closer to pitchers and catchers

bill metsiac said...

Let me rephrase:Since early Pctober, we have ADDED to the team that finished the season all the players I listed above. How can the current team be worse than the one we had then?

Reese Kaplan said...

@Bill doing his best Jay Horwitz impression, "Getting back the guys from the DL will be just like adding players to the roster. No need to get anyone else, spend money, create depth or plan for injuries."

Mack Ade said...

Bill and Reese -

You can not build a team and not recognize that your team will go through a season of injuries.

I have always thought that the Mets suffer from a higher percentage of guys that go down, but friends of mine that own other team blogs say I am wrong. They say most teams have what seems like too many injuries.

I can not count on either David Wright, Zack Wheeler, or Matt Harvey being a productive part of the 2017 season for the Mets. Thus, I have to find solutions outside of this box.

eraff said...

Reese... THE TEAM THAT ENDED 2016 didn't have deGrom, Harvey, Wheeler, or Matz. Also, it's December, NOT April

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