Mack’s Morning Report – My 2017 Binghamton Whatever They Are Called Now - RPs


Good Morning.

My 2017 Binghamton relievers –

RP – Rafael Montero – Yes, THE Rafael Montero. I’m going to give this guy one more chance and let him try and rebuild his baseball career by going back to Binghamton in 2017 (2016: 9-starts, 2.20, 1.10) and starting over in the pen. It all went to hell last year, both at AAA (7.20, 1.89) and the parent Mets (8.05/2.05). The good news is he throws it hard as hell (it occasionally ends up in the zone) and he’ll only be 26-years old next season.

RP – Kevin McGowan – The 6-6 McGowan was a 13th round 2013 pick that started 44 games for Savannah/St. Lucie/Binghamton in 2014-2015. He went full time in the pen last season and a magical 15 games for St. Lucie (0.82, 0.73). He had a 3.26-ERA in 26 games for Binghamton and finished the season with one game in Vegas. My Vegas pen is filled up so I’m going to send McGowan back to AA on opening day. He’ll pitch as a 25-year old.

RP – Kyle Regnault – The left-handed Regnault was undrafted after coming out of the University of Rhode Island in 2011. He then spent three seasons in the CamAm Indy League with no big numbers (2014, Quebec: 22-G, 12-starts, 4-6, 4.47, 1.23), but he did have 90-Ks in 86.2-IP. Throws a 4-seam fastball, curveball, change up, and a cutter and threw it kind of well last year for Binghamton (15-G, 1-start, 3.92). I’m going to invite the soon to be 28-year old for another season in NY State.

RP – Paul Paez – No one in the Mets organization have any idea what they have here. Paez was a 38th round pick in 2013 that has a roller coaster kind of professional life. Crapped out in 2014 for Savannah (21-G, 4.08), but came back the following year big time (20-G, 1.36). Pitched aces for St. Lucie last year (20-G, 1.00), followed by a bust in Binghamton (14-G, 9.15). The pattern suggests a gang buster return to Binghamton followed by who the heck knows in Vegas.

RP – Ben Griset – Griset has turned out to be a nice 2013 13th round Tampa Bay draft pick out of St. Mary’s College of California (good find!). The lefty has gone 13-15, 2.95, over 94 appearances (29 starts). He joined the Mets organization beginning for the 2015 season and has gone 2.97, 1.19 (Savannah: 28-appearances) in 2015 and 1.80, 1.03 (St. Lucie: 32-appearances) last season. He’ll pitch 2017 as a 25-year old so I’m fast tracking him to Binghamton.

RP – Robby Coles – An outstanding late round find (2013, 28th round, Florida State, 30-appearances, 2.25), Coles has gone 15-7, 3.12 for the Mets over the past 4 seasons. He does need to cut down on his 3.76/BB-9, but the 24/yr. old 6-2 righty will fit in just fine as a middle reliever for the Rumble Stumpies or whatever they’re called this week.

RP – Kelly Secrest – Secrest had a nice 4 year stint (all of which were as a primary reliever) for UNC Wilmington. He was drafted by the Mets as the 10th round pick in the 2014 draft and has posted a 3.09-ERA in 92-games over 3 seasons; however, he did stumble this past season for Binghamton (12-G, 5.51) after going 2.77 for St. Lucie. I think there is still good times ahead for the lefty.


Thomas Brennan said...

I guess you are slotting Luis Mateo in the Vegas bullpen. Vegas pen needs new blood. If Luis can succeed there, maybe he can break through. I am starting to think he is the next Walter, but we'll see.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I had this in my Las Vegas bullpen:

RP - RHP Luis Mateo - We all thought Mateo was going to be a killer future starter after he played his first two seasons in the organization... 2011: DSL Mets, 13-starts, 6-1, 2.00, 0.78... and 2012: Brooklyn, 12-starts, 4-5, 2.45, 0.90. Then two years of injuries and we weren't sure we would ever see him again, but after pitching in only 29 games for 8 teams in the next 3 seasons, Mateo churned out 48 injury free appearances last season for the B-Mets, going 3-4, 2.87. Mateo will pitch 2017 as a 27-year old and there is still time for him to impress.

Thomas Brennan said...

Thanks, I do remember reading that now. Hopefully, another year from TJS for Mateo will lead to further improvement and a breakthrough. I like to see those who endured TJS become successful.

Heck, Bobby Parnell hasn't been impressive the past 2 years and still got some (poor) MLB innings - I'd like to see Luis get the same, even if ultimately not with the Mets.

Reese Kaplan said...

I wonder who Paul Sewald will be playing for in 2017?

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