Mack Ade – Draft Pick Analysis – 2000-2016 – Washington Nationals


Good morning.

We did this kind of analysis for the Mets earlier… here’s the same for the Nats -

2000 – 49 players drafted – 23 unsigned – 7 made the majors (Justin Wayne, Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee, Shawn Hill, Phil Seibel, Jason Bay, Anthony Ferrari)

2001 – 50 players drafted – 29 unsigned – 4 made the majors (Mike Hinckley, Josh Labandeira, Chad Bentz, Chris, Schroder)

2002 – 50 players drafted – 25 unsigned – 3 made the majors (Darrell Rasner, Mike O’Connor, Jay Bergmann)

2003 – 50 players drafted – 21 unsigned – 7 made the majors (Chad Cordero, Jerry Owens, Kory Kasto, Josh Whitesell, Daryl Thompson, Luke Montz, Jim Henderson)

2004 – 50 players drafted – 23 unsigned – 4 made the majors (Bill Bray, Ian Desmond, Collin Balester, Brett Campbell)

2005 – 48 players drafted – 25 unsigned – 6 made the majors (Ryan Zimmerman, Justin Maxwell, Marco Estrada, John Lannan, Craig Stammen, Ryan Buchter)

2006 – 52 players drafted – 26 unsigned – 3 made the majors (Chris Marrero, Cole Kimball, Brad Peacock)

2007 – 53 players drafted – 14 unsigned – 7 made the majors (Ross Detwiler, Josh Smoker, Jordan Zimmerman, Jake Smolinski, Steven Souza, Derrek Norris, Patrick McCoy

2008 – 50 players drafted – 20 unsigned – 6 made the majors (Destin Hood, Danny Espinosa, Adrian Nieto, Tommy Milone, Tyler Moore, Steve Lombardozzi)

2009 – 51 players drafted – 22 unsigned – 7 made the majors (Stephen Strasburg, Drew Storen, Jeff Kobermus, A.J. Morris, Michael Taylor, Taylor Jordan, Nate Karns,)

2010 – 50 players drafted – 17 unsigned – 6 made the majors (Bryce Harper, Sammy Solis, A.J. Cole, Matt Grace, Aaron Barrett, Robbie Ray)

2011 – 52 players drafted – 22 unsigned – 6 made the majors (Anthony Rendon, Alex Meyer, Brian Goodwin, Matt Purke, Taylor Hill, Billy Burns)

2012 – 40 players drafted – 11 unsigned – 3 made the majors (Lucas Giolito, Tony Renda, Spencer Kieboom)

2013 – 39 players drafted – 11 unsigned – none there yet
2014 – 40 players drafted – 12 unsigned – none there yet
2015 – 40 players drafted – 10 unsigned – none there yet
2016 – 41 players drafted – 11 unsigned – none there yet


805 players drafted – 322 unsigned – 69 made the majors – 35 ‘made a difference’ so far


Eddie Corona said...

69 vs our 10? and still waiting for the last 4 years drafts? We could be in serious battles in this division withe the Nats and ATL and Phils loading up...

Gary Seagren said...

Very true and an indicator of let face it poor drafts when you look at the talent drafted AFTER our first rounds picks. Now Sandy has done a fairly good job with some free agents and trades but just plain got lucky with Cespedes 3 times now with this upcoming season to be decided. The problem is were not going to see the push overs like the Phils and Braves again and the Nats will be down right scary if they add Sale so our pitching better be great if we're thinking of serious run to the WS. The other issue is the front office just isn't aggressive enough and for example the trade of Shelby Miller still gets under my skin when you think what the Braves got for a #3, at best pitcher, we certainly should have been at least talking to the Dbacks. They also missed out on dealing Harvey right after the WS as knowing then they weren't signing him and his value would not be higher.

Reese Kaplan said...

Well, it's possible to increase that number by 4-6 prospects should they trade both Granderson and Bruce for young talent.

Thomas Brennan said...

Clear evidence of the Mets' gosh-awful drafting over the past 15 years.

Mack Ade said...

A message to Stubby -

I will continue to delete your personal insults to me until you leave the site. Frankly, I never have agreed with what comes out of your mouth and, in the spirit of the holiday season, I ask that you just go away. Thank you.

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