Hot Stove - 12-11-17


The Boston Red Sox has made CF Jackie Bradley Jr. available for a trade.

    2017:  27/yrs - 482/AB, .245/.322/.402/724, 17-HR, 63-RBI

    I know Jackie very well... in fact, we followed each other when he was a Gamecock. The good news... he's stayed relatively healthy the past two seasons. The bad news... I don't see numbers that much more than Juan Lagares.

The Mets are looking at RP Alex Colome; however, St. Louis and Colorado are reported to be early favorites in the chase.

    2017:  28/yrs - 65 appearances, 2-3, 3.24, 1.20, 66.2-IP, 58-K

    Hadn't heard this name before on the Sandy radar. I look at this as a feeble attempt to keep busy during the meetings.

The Cubs signed RP Brandon Morrow.

    Blah, blah, blah...

Kristie Ackert reports that the Mets are approachable for a trade for SP Matt Harvey.

    My guess, if this happens, it will be Baltimore. Maybe part of a deal for Manny Machado??? (don't go too far here, Mack)


Mike Freire said...

I like Jackie, but I think "extra" he would provide over Juan Lagares would be overshadowed by what Boston would want in exchange.

Christopher Soto said...

Matt Harvey to Baltimore for RP Mychael Givens could be something that can get done.

Reese Kaplan said...

Jackie Bradley, Jr. in 2016 produced 26 HRs, 87 RBIs and batted .287 worth 5.3 WAR. Even if Juan Lagares had direct access to whatever was leftover in Jenrry Mejia's locker, I doubt he'll ever approach those numbers. The question, of course, is what it would take and Matt Harvey would be a fine start in my book.

Mike Freire said...

True Reese, but his 2017 numbers were much more pedestrian so you have to wonder which Jackie are you getting? Especially when you factor in the cost of a trade and the reduced value of an existing asset in Juan Lagares.

It's intriguing, especially if you get the '16 version.

Tom Brennan said...

Very tied up today, have a great day, gents.

Kevin G said...

12:07 PM
An chance that pirates might trade Jung Ho Kang .could be a 3B/SS option for Mets. He may be due for a bounce back season, coming off injury. Maybe also increase attendance with NYC having a good size Korean contingent. Just an out of the box thought, that could help win some games. Also played with Mickey Callaway in Japan .Thoughts?

Mack Ade said...

Kevin -

A good idea.

Would be a local flavor... err... favorite.

Christopher Soto said...


Hard Pass.....

Jung Ho Kang is not even performing well in the Dominican Republic.

Not to mention.....the US Government still wont give him a work visa due to his criminal record in South Korea.

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