Hot Stove - 12-6-17


I wish I had more to report here everyday, but I simply don't. Hopefully, things will heat up after Christmas.

Canadian based Rogers Communication is considering selling the Toronto Blue Jays. 

The Los Angeles Angels have agreed to terms with top ex-Braves International prospects, IF Kevin Maitan and SS Livan Soto

(Is our home office even trying here?)

Kansas City will sign RHP Wily Peralta

Detroit has signed OF Leonys Martin to a one year deal.


Tom Brennan said...

Short answer? No

We need to get used to:

"Short answer? No."

Unknown said...

Doesn’t the $ spent on these Braves prospects come from this past years international free agent pool $ ? If that’s true the front office didn’t have more than 100 K to offer

bill metsiac said...

Exactly, Ed. We spent most of our money in the pool last Summer. Hardly evidence of "not trying".

Christopher Soto said...

@Ed and @Bill

Specifically....just for the former Braves prospects....

The MLB has allowed teams to dip into next year's 2018-2019 IFA Signing Pool in order to sign these players which is what the Los Angeles Angels are doing here.

While most will see that fact above as a reason to knock on the Mets for not attempting to sign Maitan.....it is worth noting that the club has already come to verbal agreements with 2 top IFA prospects for next year's signing period that is expected to cost the club over $1.0M+ each

Mack Ade said...

Chris -

They are the OFer and Catcher, right?

Unknown said...

Thank you for the clarification Chris

Reese Kaplan said...

Well, after a 2016/17 Hot Stove in which a single major league player was not added to the roster, expectations should be low.

Their xenophobia has always been relegated in the past to players set to hit the majors but they have been very active in the South American markets for youngsters, hence their limited funds (and limited ROI) on international prospects.

Christopher Soto said...

@Mack Ade


OF Freddy Valdez (15 yrs old, Dominican Republic)

6’3”, 209 pounds!!!

"He’s a big, physical corner outfielder whose best tool is his raw power. It’s a power-over-hit profile, with an aggressive swing and pull approach, which costs him balance at times. In games, he went 1-for-6 with a strikeout. Valdez is a below-average runner who needs to improve his mobility tracking down balls in the outfield. Valdez has a strong arm that fits in right field, but as a 15-year-old with his size, there’s some risk he could go to first base. If he does, he would give his infielders a big target. He looked adept at scooping balls out of the dirt when he was there during infield." - Ben Badler, Baseball America

C Francisco Alvarez (15 yrs old, Venezuela)

"For someone his age, Alvarez has a long track record of high-level offensive game performance. He has a strong, somewhat stocky build (5-foot-11, 185 pounds) and a short but powerful swing from the right side." - Ben Badler, Baseball America

Tom Brennan said...

Like the write ups on Valdez and Alvarez. Both hefty for their age...once signed, watch their diets.

bill metsiac said...

I'm still hoping someone will answer my question, originally directed at Reese, who LOVES Japanese players---

With the exceptions of Ichiro amd Hideki Matsui, can anyone name ONE Japanese poaition player who has become a star in MLB?

Christopher Soto said...


Japanese hitters have honestly not had much success....the only recent one I can think of is Thames coming back to the US from Japan.

Even then.....he struggled at times with 3 separate months of an avg below .220

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