Asking Mets Twitter - Who Do You Hope The Mets Pick in the First Round?


Casey Mize. We have a real shot to get him.


If Joey Bart somehow makes it to 6, I hope the Mets take him. They currently want to take a third baseman but I think a left-handed pitcher would be even better

Nelson Figueroa -

Alec Bohm or Johnathan India

Casey Mize. We have a real shot to get him.

In honor of my Dad, who always preferred a good CATCHER over a hotdog infielder: a young stud athletic catcher with a brain. They’re the Field Captain, and although a draft pick is young and great catchers evolve, this position is crucial in righting this ship.

Swaggerty or Bart! Don’t think they are going HS? But if they did Gorman or Liberatore

Madrigal if he's there, Bart, Swaggerty or India otherwise.

Nick Madrigal. Hands down.

Madrigal would be my first choice if there. I am okay if the took India as well. Want a bat at 6

Gosh.....I wish I knew.....the top of the draft is very much in flux. Havent seen this many potential players possibly being selected #1-5 in quite some time. Mize seems like the clear #1 but gosh Bart is getting a ton of late helium.

  - Nick Madrigal.


Robb said...

I dont think they are getting mize or madrigal, but bohm or bart would be pretty sweet. India if its a below slot signing to help with other picks would also be a nice outcome.

its all a crapshoot tho.

Hobie said...

Mize & Madrigal will be gone, IMO.

Depending on who's left, Bart, India, Liberatore & Bohm in that order.

Hope Nick Schell is available at 2.6 (ditto Parker Meadows, Mike Siani). And I still like Griffin Connine if all else is gone.

What would you do if Seth Beer is still round for Rd 2?

Mack Ade said...

Hobie -

As you know, I am a big Clemson fan.

I love the guy, but I don't need another masher that plays RF like Bruce and 1B like worse.

Pablo Grullon said...

India just got picked in front of us by the Reds. Lets see what we do...

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