Mets Pick #28 - RHP – Mitch Hickey – UC San Diego


Mets Pick #28 –    RHP – Mitch Hickey – UC San Diego


           RHP Mitch Hickey - R/R, 11/16/95 - UC San Diego (SR) - 6'0", 184 lbs

Baseball Census –

           “Worked from the stretch the entire time. Undersized without real downward plane; high three-quarters release with short, quick arm action through arm swing in the back; more a thrower than a pitcher in my look with some encouraging power attributes but very little feel/nuance for working side to side on purpose … Sat 88-94 with his fastball during my look; paired it with an 83-84 changeup, a 78-82 sharp slider, and a 71-76 curveball. Timed 1.20 – 1.28 to the plate with runner on first base … Command sucked. Even in a blowout (UC San Diego was up 11-1 when he left the game), couldn’t find the strike zone with nine walks in three innings of work; no sense of urgency to get hitters out even when up ten runs and much better than competition. Command shaky all day but really lost release point and feel for the plate in top 3, and never made an adjustment to get it back; overthrew, particularly with breaking stuff, and failed to show feel for working within the strike zone, even with a big lead … Both breaking balls are sharp, and each distinct from the other; curve a true 12-to-6 look that’ll occasionally bleed into 11-to-5, but shows good, sharp depth. Slider is harder with more tilt and late break, though also decent depth in its own respective path; tunnels better with fastball. Both could be above-average breaking balls if/when he proves ability to throw them early for strikes; wipeout attributes are there, but needs another look early to start ahead … Obviously, tough to say whether command problems here were just a one-off that clouds this report based on my first look, but Mitch Hickey has walked 39 in 64 innings of work across the season; command/control issues probably shouldn’t be completely written off … Pro profile here is of a reliever with potential for some high-leverage work in time. Arm strength and velocity will surge in shorter stints with age and development, and the two breaking ball look could be a difference maker for late-inning work. All hinges on command, though; even in relief, Mitch Hickey needs to prove he can throw enough strikes to keep hitters honest early before he shows off the wipeout stuff to put people away. Good arm; no doubt worth an MLB Draft pick as a senior sign next month, but there’s significant command consistency to iron out here and it’ll severely limit his ceiling if not fixed.”


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