We got Jarred Kelenic and Simeon Woods-Richardson in the first two rounds.  Kelenic a high schooler with greater-than-Nimmo tools, Simeon a hard thrower with power, also out of high school.

Good long term picks, most likely, but it means Jake and Thor won't be getting any near-term offensive help from this draft.

Had they lost more by not playing hot hitting Aoki, Reyes, and Cabrera in September, they could have picked at 4 or 5, and likely took a seasoned college star hitter who could have helped much sooner.

What if....it is what it is.  Hopefully, both of them WOW us.

Back to my article du jour:

If ya can't fan 'em in the minors, you likely won't get to fan 'em in the majors.  We may draft some guys who will show up in the Mets pen in a few years.

Fans love Ks.

Ben Griset found that out - he was a fine 4-1, 2.39 in AA last year, but fanned just 36 in 49 innings - and he got released.   And is out of baseball.

"So who's fanning them with great abandon this year?" 

Thanks for asking!

But before I start, remember - fans hate walks, too.


Tim Peterson fanned 40 in 28.2 innings, with an 0.94 WHIP - and he has gotten promoted and had a few nice Mets outings recently.

Kyle Regnault has fanned 37 in 26 innings, and is 2-1, 6.23 ERA.  He was 7-0 last year, with 66 Ks in 65 innings, too.   The ERA is deceiving, as he allowed 8 runs in his first 3 relief outings.  maybe we see K  King Kyle in Queens this year.

Drew Smith has fanned 32 in 28 innings and is holding his own quite nicely in Vegas.  A trip to Queens this year seems quite likely - maybe he beats the other D Smith there.


Dave Roseboom - let's exclude his shaky brief time in Vegas, since he was returning from an extended injury absence.  What has he done in AA?  20 innings, 28 Ks, 1-0, 1.80. The 9 walks and 3 hit batsmen need a little tightening, but he most likely is on the Queens lefty radar screen.

Eric Hanhold, from the Neil Walker trade, is 3-1, 2.84 with 8 saves, and 32 Ks in 25 innings.  Sweet.

Daniel Zamora has fanned 27 in 20 innings, and is 1-1, 3.10.    Binghamton fans hope to see a lot more o' Zamora.

Tyler Bashlor - 23 Ks in 18 innings, 0-1, 2.50.  Nine walks are an indicator of more work being needed - Mets fans need tummy remedies when bullpen guys like AJ Ramos walk dudes.  Walks and balks lead to unhappy talks.

Joshua Torres is 5-0, 1.80 and 25 Ks (but 8 walks) in 20 innings.  Good so far.  I ain't joshin'.


Matt Blackham is 4-1, 1.90 in 23.2 IP, with 29 Ks BUT 13 walks.  Too many strolls, Matt.

Ryder Ryan - just promoted to AA, Ryan has an ERA of 1.56 and 25 Ks and just 5 walks in 23 IP.  Keep that up and the Ryder Moving Truck will be Queens-bound.

Matt Pobereyko had a very bad recent outing after his promotion to Las Vegas - 3 innings, 6 hits, 6 runs, 2 walks and 0 Ks.  Then straight to the DL.  Aggh!! 

Before that, in St Lucie, he fanned 25 and walked 10, while allowing just 8 hits in 19 innings in St Lucie (2-1, 0.95).  Hopefully the DL stint is not serious.

Steve Nogosek - 1-1, 2.66, 23.2 IP, 11 hits, 11 walks, 26 Ks - needs to find the strike zone more.


Mean Steve Villines is 2-3, 5.40 (OK, he had a few early bad games, get off his back), but he has fanned 47 while walking a mere 4 in 28 innings.  Pretty nifty K/BB ratio, huh?  Five saves, too.

Joshua Payne is 3-1, 3.54, just 23 hits with 4 Ks in 20 innings - but 25 hits.

Trey Cobb is 2-1, 2.50 with 7 saves, and in 18 innings, just 3 walks, with 23 Ks - but 22 hits, too.

Special Mention:

Jeff Diehl, re-starting his career as a pitcher, has been in 2 games: 2 innings, 1 hit, 2 walks, FOUR Ks, including fanning the side in his first Fireflies outing.  How cool is that. 

The 6'5", 235 hard throwing righty Diehl could do a little Shohei Ohtani down the road, perhaps, as in 982 Mets minor league at bats, Jeff had 54 doubles, 8 triples, 25 home runs, 120 RBIs and hit .260.  Not shabby.  He just fanned too much in the process.  Maybe he'll be a Big Diehl in Queens someday.


Thomas Brennan said...

Vientos, last year's second rounder and 18 years old, is reportedly tearing it up in extended spring training.

Now, two high schoolers in first two rounds. Maybe this will be an exciting young team in 4 years when you pair them with Rosario and Gimenez.

Peterson could be a rotation ace by then. Justin Dunn was great last night, maybe he will soon join the party.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -


It really does not matter if Sandy and Company drafts high school seniors at 17/18 years old or college juniors at 22/23 years old.

They all will start off in rookie ball

Awful team placement.

So... if this is the play, stay with high school players... in 4 years they are playing Binghamton at 21 years old.

Thomas Brennan said...

Where they assign the kiddies will be interesting - my guess is Kelenic and Richardson are both targeted for the Gulf Coast League. May they both sign soon.

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