A Few Things Before The Season Starts

Hey guys... it's Mack.

1. For those of you that are new to me, I specialize in the Mets' minor league players, so you will see the results of all those games posted here every day.

2. As most of you know, I attend all the home games for the Sand Gnats, so they'll be plenty of info on here about the kids playing there this year..

3. I'm still looking for writers that attend games in Buffalo, Binghamton, PSL, Brooklyn, Kingsport, and the carribean teams... of cource, I will recap each game, but it would be great to add some folks who can fill us in what really happened each night...

4. The "Mack Attack" is a daily summation of what's floating around on the net each day about the Mets...

5. Feel free to let me know what info you want...

6. I will also include one of the bios from the prospects with the info I have accumulated over the years on that player.... don't forget, I an email you the entire 60,000+ word book on the current system for 9 bucks to JMAde2@aol.com and I'll email it to you within 24 hours...



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