THT Ranking of Mets Farm System


20. New York Mets, NPV: $98.56 million

Strengths: Continue to do a great job of finding international talent. Wilmer Flores rocketed up prospect lists. Brad Holt had an excellent debut.

Weaknesses: Lack depth in system. More immediate pitching help, except for Jon Niese, will come through relief pitchers.

Looking forward: The Mets typically adhere to slotting rules in the draft and lost their first round pick by signing Francisco Rodriguez. While Niese is the only major prospect who is at risk of losing his prospect status, the Mets will need some prospects to take some steps forward to avoid dropping down.

Prospect to watch: Reese Havens, SS/2B. While Havens was the Mets first draft pick in 2008, he has been jumped by Brad Holt by most prospect evaluators. He provides good secondary skills at the plate, and while he likely won't stay at shortstop, he could profile nicely as an offensive second baseman. I wouldn't be surprised to see Havens jump back over Holt in next year's prospect lists.



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