Mets Minors: Current Infield Rosters Before Cuts

AAA: - Michel Abreu, Nick Evans, Emmanuel Garcia, Jonathan Malo, Junior Spivey, Jose Coronado, Argenis Reyes, Shawn Bowman, and Andy Green.

I never can figure out how the Mets decide what they need in the minors. On the surface, the last person you would expect to be signed is a AAA infielder, yet only yesterday, they signed Spivey. The only ‘keeper’ on this list is Evans, who I expect to take most of the turns at first. Is there room for two first basemen in Buffalo? I don’t think so, but they might hold on to Abreu simply because it is expected that Evans goes to Queens by the all-star break. 2009 will be the last shot for Garcia, Coronado, and Bowman, while the rest are just on the team in case of emergency injuries down in the city. This list has to be lowered by at least three names.

AA: - Lucas Duda, Greg Veloz, J.R. Voyles, Ruben Tejada, and Jacob Eigsti.

At least one, maybe two infielders short of a staff, and no one slotted at the A+ level is ready to move here. On paper, expect a couple of the names under the AAA list to drop here, though it would be quite an insult to all of them. Prospects are Veloz and Tejada. Voyles and Eigsti are fillers.

A+: - Ike Harris, Joshua Statin, Reese Havens, Juan Legares, Zack Lutz, and Joaquin Rodriquez

Exactly the amount needed. Harris, Satin, Havens, and Lutz are prospects. There is an outside chance that Harris goes to Savannah.

A: - Jeffries Tatford, Jose Jimenez, Hector Pellot, Wilmer Flores, Luis Nieves, Jenry Marte, Nick Giarraputo, Stefan Welsh, and Eric Campbell

Two or three cuts coming up here, probably including Giarraputo and Campbell. Pellot is an ex-prospect who flopped and may return to Savannah for a third time. Prospects are Flores and Marte, who will finally give the Gnats some bat power, while, at the same time, probably lead the league in infield errors.


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