Minor League Mets Relief Pitchers

Minor League Relief Pitchers:

So, how many spots per team do we have here? My guess is eight, so we’ll use that as the norm.

AAA: - currently on the board – Eddie Kunz, Rocky Cherry, Carlos Muniz, Darren O’Day, Connor Robertson, Tony Armas, Edgar Alfonzo, Eddie Camacho, Eric Brown, Casey Fossum, Jose Sanchez, Brandon Knight, Tim McNab, Joe Hietpas.

That’s 14.

First of all, at least three of these guys will be in the Mets pen. Maybe even four, so we’re really looking for three cuts here. My guess at this point would be some of the guys that played on New Orleans last year.

If Cherry, O’Day, Robertson, and Fossum make the Mets, you can count on Kunz and Muniz being in Buffalo. Brown is a converted starter that might be the first cut, followed by Knight.

AA: - Elvys Quezada, Nick Carr, Ryan Coultas, Emary Fredrick, German Marte, Edgar Ramirez, Valerio de los Santos, and Tim Stronach.

That’s eight, but who knows if Santos gets a contract. No real prospects here.

A+: - Jimmy Johnson, Nick Abel, Roy Merritt, James Fuller, Stephen Clyne, Steve Cheney, Josh Stinson, Nick Waechter, Jose Bierd.

Lots of talent here, with Johnson, Merritt, Fuller, Clyne, and Cheney being the prospects. One too many and my guess is Stinson could be cut.

A: - Michael Powers, Manuel Oliveros, Rhiner Cruz, Brad Burns, Michael Houck, Wendy Rosa, Samuel Martinez, John Holdzkon, Stephen Puhl, Eric Turgeon, Matias Carillo, Jeffrey Kaplan, and Pedro P. Martinez.

Whew. That’s 13, or five too many. And don’t think you can send some of these to fill out some of the short season teams cause they’re filled up too. Powers is the only prospect here, so flip a coin. My guess is Holdzkom will stick because of the bonus money paid him, and a couple of the cuts could be Carillo and Rosa, who didn’t impress at this level last year. Also, look for a few of them to go on the IR with some phantom injury the Mets can come up with.


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