The Mack Attack - March 31, 2009


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Tom Seaver will throw out the first pitch at CitiField.

Congratulations. You saw it, the last season Brian Schneider's OPS will eclipse .700. Next season, Schneider figures to be even worse with the bat. But, he hit 9 homers in limited playing time and extrapolated over 500 PA he should reach double digits! Not so fast: he hit the fewest percent of flyballs (21.1%) of his career in 2008, but got extremely lucky with a 15% of his FB leaving the yard. For comparison he hit just 4.6% HR/FB in 2007. Was he merely hitting deeper flyballs? Doubtful, but his hittracker graph reveals a tendency to hit balls to the rightfield foul pole, where Citi is especially shallow:


Looking over the new stadium, there is going to be at least a 10 point positive affect on BA. There is no foul territory in the OF at all. Even Dave Kingman would have picked up 10 points on his average and if you keep poking the ball down the line, your going to get more than a few extra shots at the pourches.


Throughout the off season, one hot topic for conversation has been Jose Reyes, and where he fits best in the Mets’ lineup. There has been talk of putting Reyes in the three hole on occasion, and moving Luis Castillo up to the leadoff spot, but I am here to put all of those rumors to rest. In terms of the first man that belongs in the lineup, Jose Reyes fills the role perfectly. Since Reyes’ first full year in the major leagues, his patience and abilities have improved nicely. One thing that has been nice to see is his rise in on base percentage. In 2005, his OBP was just .300, which wasn’t at all helped by the fact that he walked just 27 times in well over 600 at-bats. In 2008, however, Reyes walked 66 times, and his OBP rose to .358. Coincidence? I don’t think so.


How the 2009 Mets were formed:

Trade: Brian Schneider - Carlos Delgado - Luis Castillo - Ryan Church - Jeremy Reed - Johan Santana - Oliver Perez - John Maine - Sean Green - J.J. Putz

Draft: David Wright - Daniel Murphy - Mike Pelfrey - Bobby Parnell
International FA: - Jose Reyes

Free Agency: - Carlos Beltran - Alex Cora - Fernando Tatis - Marlon Anderson - Ramon Castro - Livan Hernandez - Pedro Feliciano - Francisco Rodriguez

Rule 5 Draft: - Darren O'Day

Purchased : - Brian Stokes


Most people are talking about the new Yankee Stadium. But what about the new stadium for the New York Mets ? From the pictures that I see, it looks like they did a great job in creating a modern but old-school park.



The Phillies handed out one of the biggest bonuses since the end of the 2008 international signing period, signing Dominican outfielder Domingo Santana for $330,000. Santana is a 6-foot-5 righthanded hitter with a plus arm in right field. He’s an average runner with a long, projectable frame and is still learning to adjust to breaking balls. Santana has been eligible to sign since August, when he turned 16. The signing marks Philadelphia’s largest international signing bonus expenditure within the last year.


New Mets:

Ken Takahashi LHP L L 6-2 187 4-16-69

The 39-year-old lefthander went 8-5 with a 3.50 ERA in 21 games (20 starts) for the Hiroshima Carp last season.

He signed a minor league contract with the Toronto Blue Jays for 2009, but was cut. The Mets signed him to a minor league contract the same day.

2006: 2-3, 4.70 in 54 relief appearances
2007: 5-4, 3.70 in 22 relief appearances
2008: 8-5, 3.50 in 21 games, 20 starts

Mets Alumni:

So that brings me back to my original question: should the A's make a run at either Pedro Martinez or Odalis Perez? These two are the best remaining free agents out there and would provide some much needed experience to the starting rotation at a reasonable price. I'm going to assume that both guys are going to require a major league contract to sign...so with that in mind I would stay away from Martinez. Even though Pedro is a great leader and has tons of big time experience, I think he's too much of a risk for the Athletics. Even though Pedro pitched well against cruddy talent in the WBC, he is nothing more than a fifth starter at this point in his career. I really don't think Pedro would be an upgrade over the young guys, even with his experience.


Alvin Jackson, a smallish African American lefthander when there were so few, was pitching batting practice for the pitchers who still hit in the NL, kidding about their attempts at bat, laughing when their long ball hunt becomes a dribbler, still bouncy in the Florida sun at the age of 73. “I live down here now,” Jackson said, as he wiped some sweat from his brow after some 30 minutes of throwing soft strikes. “I just love it. The Mets let me come to spring training every year and that’s enough for me.” We talked about the differences when he and Sherman (Roadblock) Jones were the only two blacks in that first Mets camp and the segregation that still existed in Florida, throughout most of the American south and subtly up north were a routine part of life. Jackie Robinson had integrated baseball on the field in 1947 but not much changed off the field even 15 years later when Jackson came to the first Mets camp.



Lincoln Hamilton’s Top 5 Draft Pick Prediction:

1 Steven Strasburg RHP 56.9 K% 5.4 BB%, 100 mph FB, SL maybe be best pitch, injury concerns only red flag 20.6 SDSU

2 Dustin Ackley CF High average, and walk hitter with speed for CF, dominated last year (.477 wOBA*) 21.0 UNC

3 Tyler Matzek LHP Projectable California lefty with plus velocity, deep repitroire and clean mechanics 18.4 HS

4 Donavan Tate CF True 5-tool talent, two-sport star has strong commitment to UNC, upside rivals Stras 18.5 HS

5 Josh Phegley C Numbers tell the story, .522 wOBA*, .329 IsoP, 16.5% BB, 13.6% K, should stay at C 21.1 IU



The 2009 Spring Training "Released" Roster: - C- Josh Bard (signed with Nationals), 1b- Daryle Ward, 2b-Marcus Giles, 3b-Morgan Ensberg, ss-Esteban German (signed with Cubs), OF- Trot Nixon, OF- Dave Roberts, OF- Jay Gibbons, Bench- Guillermo Quiroz, Bench- Rob Bowen, Bench-David Newhan, SP- Shawn Hill (signed with Padres), SP- Odalis Perez, SP- Mike Maroth, SP-Adam Eaton (signed with Orioles), SP/RP- Ron Villone, RP- Aaron Fultz, RP- Jimmy Gobble (signed with Rangers), RP- Danny Graves, RP- Duaner Sanchez (signed with Padres), RP- Brendan Donnelly, RP- Yhency Brazoban, RP- Tyler Walker, RP- Keiichi Yabu (resigned with Giants), CL- Eric Gagne


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