Nelson Figueroa for SP5


LinK: http://www.majorleagueblogging.com/major-league-baseball/could-figueroa-slip-into-the-last-rotation-spot

"...Redding has been shut down, Garcia has been pretty terrible and Livan Hernandez has been tolerable. That is the state of the Mets fifth rotation spot. The struggles of these three has left the door open for Niese, and the door possibly open for bringing back Pedro but there is another pitcher who is starting to impress in my mind and that is Figueroa. Figueroa has pitched 8 innings this spring between the Mets and the WBC (official games). Over those eight innings he has been very, very good:

Mets: 2 G, 3.0 IP, H, K, BB
PR: 3 G, 5.0 IP, 2H, 4 K, 3 BB

Over these eight innings, he is yet to allow an earned run, and when he gets in trouble, he gets out of trouble without allowing anything to effect the score. He is pitching at least well enough to be allowed to compete for that last starter spot when PR’s ride is over with the WBC... "


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