Lastings Milledge on the Mets


"You know, there's always a thing where, Oh, rookies have to be here 2-1/2 or three hours before stretch. No. I'm not gonna be here three hours before stretch. If you're here and you get your work in, it shouldn't matter how early you're at the field. You know what you need to do. That's fine. You don't have to be at the park three, four hours before the park if you don't want. You don't see nobody clocking in three or four hours before they have to show up to work. So, I mean, some people feel like they have to get here to read the newspaper or do crossword puzzles or get their mind ready. I feel like I come to the park, I have 45 minutes of stuff I have to do to get prepared for practice and get ready for the game. Five minutes might be watching videos. Fifteen minutes might be going in the cage. And then getting whatever other work I need."



GaryG said...

What an idiot. I mean, even if he believes that... I liked some of his theatrics in NY, but maybe its for the best that he talks trash like this away from the Mets.

Mack Ade said...

Hey Gary...

As you know, I never liked him.

And he still hasn't learned that you can't talk like that and be a .260 hitter...


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