Mets Minors: Current OF rosters before cuts

AAA: - Fernando Martinez, Jesus Feliciano, Caleb Stewart, Josh Peterson, Carl Loadenthal, and Jason Cooper.

Feliciano, Stewart, and Peterson (also plays 1B and 3B) would constitute a pretty decent AAA outfield on their own, throw in F-Mart and this squad rocks. Most minor league teams carry four outfielders because there’s always some infielder who also can sub here, but no one carries more than five. I expect both Loadenthal and Cooper to be released.

AA: - Brahiam Maldonado, Joe Holden, and D.J. Wabick.

There’s no one else in the system that can play this high up, so there might be some hope for both Loadenthal and Cooper at this level. I expect an additional signing before April 1.

A+: - Carlos Guzman, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Sean Ratliff, and Richard Pena.
Niewenhuis and Ratliff are almost prospects.

A: - Michael Hernandez, B.J. Hubbert, Raul Reyes, Cesar Puello, John Servido, Dan Stegall, and Gabriel Zavala.

Who stays and who goes depends on whether the Mets promote prospect Puello this high this soon. Zavala is also thought of highly. First to go will probably be Stegall, followed by Reyes or Hubbert.

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